Friday, September 2, 2011

100-plus degree winds whip wildfires to new blazes

Wildfires that have raged since April, through June, and the summer now threaten to engulf even more than the 6,200 acres that have burned since this past Tuesday.

Texas Forest Service spokesman John Nichols said Thursday that about 160 homes are still threatened by wildfires in the Possum Kingdom Lake area, about 75 miles west of Fort Worth.

He said firefighters are concentrating on protecting structures.

Nichols told The Associated Press that the fires have destroyed 39 homes.

The National Weather Service says temperatures Thursday are expected to top 100 degrees, with winds at about 10 miles per hour.
Forecasters expect lower temperatures and a chance for rain by

The Texas Forest Service says wildfires statewide have burned more than 3.5 million acres since last November.

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