Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An associate's e-mail in-box yields a controversial game

"Tea Party Zombies Must Die" is a first person shooter game and invites players to "fight off the tea party zombies with an arsenal of weapons".
 The video game is produced by "Starving Eyes Advergaming" a company that creates videos games for online viral campaigns (advertising via video games). We do not know if the Tea Party Zombies game was commissioned by a person or organization, or if Starving Eyes decided this was a good way to promote their services.

According to their website, some of their clients include Craftsman, General Motors, Hasbro, the History Channel, Meow Mix, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, NASCAR, Red Bull, Sears, TLC, UPS, and Xgames.

Players of the game are encouraged to "kill" the tea party zombies. The cast of "zombies" include:
Generic Pissed Off Old White Guy
Pissed Off Stupid White Trash Redneck Birther Zombie
Expresses Racist Views Anonymously On the Internet Klan Zombie
We Tricked the God People Into Believing in Tax Cuts for the Rich Executive Zombie
Koch Industries "Koch Whore" Lobbyist Pig Zombie
Koch Industries Climate Change Denial Toxic Zombie
Koch Brothers Zombie
Sarah Palin Zombie
Michele Bachmann Zombie (in a bra and a skirt)
Factory Made Blonde Fox News Barbie Who Has Never Had A Problem In Her Life Zombie
Fox News Zombies - Mike Huckabee, Brit Hume, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck
Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum
We were appalled at the descriptions of the zombie characters, and the language.

This game clearly is sending a message to players about the tea party movement, and being that most gamers are children and young adults we wonder if this is an attempt to condition them to have a negative view of the tea party movement. It seems to be a not so subtle, negative message aimed at brainwashing young people to have an aversion towards the tea party, conservatives, and republicans. If someone in the tea party movement created this type of video game aimed at the liberal progressive left, unions, and democrats it would be all over the main stream media and the condemnations would flow for weeks.

Please be advised if you have children or teenagers who play online games you may want to make sure they are not visiting this website or playing the game.

If you have parental controls to block websites we suggest you block this

Waco Tea Party Team

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