Friday, September 9, 2011

Murder charge nets 45-year sentence

Bruceville-Eddy barber killed his grandfather

Waco – When the dispatcher received the call in July, 2010, Aaron Firquin tried to tell her his grandfather had been stabbed accidentally.

As the conversation wore on, it became apparent something much more serious had occurred.

When the police officer arrived, he found blood spatter on the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. He followed a trail of blood to the bathroom, where he found the 88-year-old former Mayor of this small community located on I-35 stabbed multiple times in the face and chest, his blood-soaked, partially nude body reclining in the bath tub.

E.B. Firquin died from blunt force trauma to his head.

Another trail of blood spatter led to the kitchen sink, where the policeman found an 8-inch butcher knife and a bloody hammer.

Yesterday, on Thursday, September 8, Aaron Firquin pled guilty to murder in exchange for a 45-year sentence arranged by District Attorney Abel Reyna. Mr. Reyna noted that the defendant, who is 46 years of age, will be in his 70's before he is eligible for parole.

He told newsmen that he was loathe to put Mr. Firquin's son, Aaron Firquin's father Sam, in the middle of a murder trial in which his son faced the charge for the brutal slaying of his father.

Russ Hunt, Sr., a seasoned defense attorney who has represented many accused murderers, called the case “a really said, unfortunate situation.” He noted that Aaron Firquin has suffered from mental problems and substance abuse issues for many years.

Authorities held Aaron Firquin on a record $5 million bond from the day of his 2010 arrest.

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