Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rick Perry boosts gun sales, stock in manufacturers

Obama credited by industrial analysts for sales

With an A+ rating from the Texas State Rifle Association, a reputation for carrying Ruger semiauto pistol, and an “enthusiasm for firearms (which) rival Yosemite Sam's,” Governor Perry has still not done as much for gun makers and sellers as President Barack Obama.

The man scares people who believe they have a right to keep and bear arms to death, enough that background checks to buy a firearm are headed for more than 15 million this year for the first time ever.

In fact, for months after his election firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies were in short supply as people rushed to buy up all they could afford.

Then there's the matter of Sturm Ruger stock, which has soared more than 400% over the past 2 years, a much more dramatic rise than gold, which is up only 113% over the same period.

The Governor, who is also the frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination, has a reputation for killing a coyote who threatened his dog while they were out for a jog.

Sturm Ruger immediately produced a lightweight, limited-edition “Coyote Special” with the words “A True Texan” engraved on the barrel. Collectors bought them with utter enthusiasm, according to stock analysts, who predict that half of America's gun enthusiasts, sellers and investors will secretly vote for Obama for that reason alone.

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