Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ministerial Alliance soldiers on amid FEMA furor

Bastrop – Political activists squabbled over donations given to the Bastrop Christian Ministerial Alliance for wildfire victims displaced from their homes.

According to Facebook entries, FEMA had required residents seeking donated household items and cash contributions or hotel vouchers to first prove with government ID to FEMA authorities that they are actually displaced by the disaster which has claimed more than 500 homes and 50 lives.

According to Joyce Evans, a spokesman for the Alliance Hotline, “We are not working FEMA, nor the Red Cross.” Ms. Evans said those seeking assistance need merely call 512-332-8661 to arrange to pick up any items or cash assistance available.

How do they determine the eligibility of those who apply for relief?

“We have a list,” said Ms. Evans. “It shows the area of devastation.”

No approval by FEMA or Red Cross officials is necessary, she said.

A website maintained by the church group details the type of assistance offered at

There is information about the re-entry plan declared by Emergency Coordinators, hotel vouchers and health and safety assistance available on-line.

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