Thursday, September 15, 2011

Down to the crossroads...and so forth

In a world of steel-eyed death where men are fighting to be warm...

Crossroads in West African lore is simple enough to understand. You go down to the crossroads and stop there to conjure the situation. Thou art going somewhere, but - where?

Whittle a stick, whistle a tune, say a prayer, toss stones at the Clabber Girl sign, and the first person or animal that approaches will answer the question forthrightly, be it dog, bird, man, woman, child, horse, snake, rooster, hen, eagle, vulture or any other nonesuch doing the talking.

Those who study evil might happen to see the Evil One, but if you're just headed somewhere, he's easy to ignore, especially if you're just embarking upon an ordinary journey and not out to make a deal.

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