Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Allred, Gloria – now, where have we heard that name?

On a cold and windy night in 1997, a certain blonde named Bialek, Sharon, dated Herman Cain.

At the time, Mr. Cain was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association. Ms. Bialek was unemployed. She had recently lost her job at a foundation “associated” with the restaurant lobbying association.

She was looking for a job, so she went out with Mr. Cain and had dinner with him at a restaurant.

Her story: Mr. Cain stopped his car after in front of the headquarters building, pulled her head down to his crotch, and said, “You want a job, right?”

She also alleges that Mr. Cain tried to force his hand up her skirt, to touch her genitals.

Mr. Cain has chosen to say nothing about this and the other three women who have chosen to remain anonymous with similar allegations of sexual harrassment that stem from their relations with him during his tenure running the restaurant lobby in Washington.

Ms. Bialek and attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference yesterday to assert that it's all true, and unlike other accusers, Ms. Bialek would gladly give her name and allow the press to take her picture.

The media frenzy has caused the GOP to urge Mr. Cain, who is frontrunning in the Republican slugfest for the nomination for President, to come forward, make a clean - ah - breast of the matter, tell his side of the story, and move on.

Ms. Allred? Oh, she is the bold and courageous attorney who represented a certain stripper when she made similar allegations of sexual harrassment against Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner of New York, New York. She and the stripper didn't want any publicity, so they scheduled a press conference at the Los Angeles Friars Club so could tell her story of how Mr. Weiner sent her a picture of himself partially nude via the internet.

That incident led to the Congressman's resignation.


  1. I was totally unknown from this news. When was all of this happen? can you provide me a detailed information regarding this?

  2. You may see from clicking the hyperlink that Ms. Allred has represented at least one other woman claiming sexual harrassment from a politician. That was super stripper Ginger Lee in her complaint against Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY. Ms. Allred is very active in the legal issues attached to gender politics and she is an accomplished show business attorney who operates out of the twin capitals of that industry, New York and Los Angeles.

    - The Legendary