Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Million man march in Cairo to demand transfer of power

Cairo – When the men who have been camping in Liberty Square hoisted the giant Egyptian flag early today, they signaled that the offer by the nation's civilian cabinet to resign did not make much of an impression upon them.

They want the military to be gone, out of power.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters are fighting soldiers today in Tahrir Square. They are demanding word of a specific date upon which the military will hand over power to an elected official.

Extended violence has wracked the city center for weeks as protesters defy the military's orders to vacate the square and continue to camp out there. Police are firing shotguns loaded with tear gas canisters and bean bags. Often, the protesters, who are fighting with rocks and other impromptu weapons, pick up the tear gas canisters and throw them right back at the troopers.

A million man march is predicted for later in the day.

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