Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three country boys wag dog in YouTube interview

Waco – The venerable Waco “Tribune-Herald” gave a nod to “The Legendary,” got down off the wagon, and talked to folks about an article and video interview we printed in these columns last week.

In the video, Jim Parks, editor and publisher of "The Legendary" and R.S. Gates, a seasoned investigative reporter and Tea Party watch dog specialist, may be heard interviewing Precinct 3 McLennan County Commissioner Joe Mashek.

Staff writer Regina Dennis, who covers the McLennan County Commissioenrs' Court and local government, devoted an extensive story detailing the various statements and some rather serious allegations made by Mr. Mashek about the dealings of the Court, particularly the operating style of County Judge Jim Lewis.

As such, it is a milestone in the history of “The Legendary;” more particularly, it is an example of the type of interaction that is taking place these days in the so-called “social media.”

Emblematical of what such media luminaries as Arthur C. Clarke, R. Buckminster Fuller and Dr. Marshall McLuhan were predicting in the mid-60's, this development is not untypical of the non-linear, spherical and expanding critical path of cyber-communications as practiced in today's suddenly shrunken world.

In fact, Mr. Fuller, who was the innovator of such wonders as the geodesic dome and once described our world as “Spaceship Earth,” once described critical path as “a reduction valve on the universe.”

Click here for a link to the article and video, which is public on as “Joe Mashek exit interview” because Mr. Mashek is not seeking re-election in the 2012 primary for nomination as the candidate for Precinct 3.

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  1. Mashek for Governor! He needs a bigger playing field than these county misfits. We need to clean up our state govt. as well as the county.
    C'mon Joe! Take Rick "oops" Perry's job!