Sunday, November 27, 2011

Det. Mike Ruppert on Truth, Lies, Cocaine, and 9/11

How important is drug money?

Who benefited, and why they did so, from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. This veteran narcotics and homicide detective from the L.A. Police Department makes a cogent presentation similar to one in which a prosecutor would seek a Grand Jury indictment.

The offenses? Murder, smuggling, collusion, conspiracy, money laundering, wire fraud, drug-dealing and influence peddling - to name a few.

All these have been carried out against the People of the United States in order to perpetuate a false economy propped up by drug profits. End game is a one-world government designed to enslave the people of the entire planet, according to Mike Ruppert, publisher of "From the Wilderness" news service.

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  1. he was not a detective, he was a uniformed officer.