Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cops bust second man in beating death of car dealer

Hewitt – Robinson Police arrested Shane Tyler Sims for the July 11 beating that led to the death of Matthew Ray Easley, a Robinson car dealer who operated Excel Motor Co. in the 800 block of S. Robinson Dr..

Shane Tyler Sims
Mr. Tyler is the second suspect arrested in the murder of Mr. Easley following the apprehension of Clinton Douglas Mills, with whom they have also charged the 56-year-old man's murder.

Mr. Easley suffered massive head wounds when, according to a probable cause affidavit, Mr. Mills bashed him over the head with a computer. He lingered for a number of days in a comatose state until medical authorities turned off life support equipment.

He was similarly attacked in 2010 when an assailant stabbed him in the head so hard that the knife blade penetrated his skull. Police charged a suspect with attempted capital murder at the time, then released the suspect on his personal recognizance.

Mr. Tyler was a passenger in an auto police stopped in Hewitt. Officers discovered he was wanted in connection with the death of Mr. Easley.


  1. not completely factual

  2. Fill me in. Information on this case is extremely difficult to obtain. - The Legendary

  3. Well all I can say about this man is from an experience I had with him this man was well know for finding young boys and men that were down on their luck he would give them a place to live , a job and something to drive, sounds nice, now for the real man he would drug them young men. My son went to see a friend who was staying with this man after 2 days , I wasn't able to reach my son by phone , my daughter and son in law went to his house, my car was in the driveway , when I knocked on the door the man said my son wasn't there he had left the car, I not being a very calm woman at this point told him I wanted to search his house to see if my son was there he told me no so I in turn informed him I would have the police there and make sure that they knew he had drugs there on the property, after that he told me that my son had taken some drugs and was passed out in his house , my son does not remember what happened only that he had a glass of tea, I got him and took him home where he slept for three days ,he had a empty look in his eyes .Later I was told that the pervert had drugged my son because he wanted him as a sex partner. As far as I am concerned he got just what he deserved. You they say that KARMA is a BITCH well she came back and got him ,As for the two men who were charged in his death, they probably felt that they were justified in killing him, may god be with them and as far as Gay Ray that's what people called him I hope he burns in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymouse, is there anyway you can contact me. I am the father of one of the defendents. We have always thought this was happening with younger men and this man. His court date is coming up and would really like to talk to you.