Saturday, October 6, 2012

Obama leads in Ohio/Romney spot touts jobs plan

Despite a post-debate bounce, both internal and public polls show that if the election were held today, Obama would still win Ohio's electoral votes by a few percentage points.

The Mitt Romney campaign began showing a 30-second spot touting the Romney Jobs Plan(click), which promises to create at least a half-million new manufacturing jobs if he is elected President.

One element of the plan promises to "confront" China over its cheating in imports and to deliver "a level playing field" upon which the American manufacturer can work in competition with foreign nations such as China.

According to a published report in the Congressional newspaper, "The Hill," two conservative polls give Romney mixed results in Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

"In Ohio, the We Ask America poll gave Romney a 47-46 percent edge over the president, while Rasmussen flipped those results, giving Obama a 50-49 percent lead. Both polling firms completed the sampling for their survey Thursday, in the aftermath of Wednesday's shaky debate for the president."

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