Friday, October 12, 2012

Judge gives 'Super Glue' mom 99 years for beating

Dallas – As Judge Larry Mitchell began to sentence a young woman to 99 years in the pen for super gluing her daughter's hands to a wall, members of her family shouted, “No!”

Elizabeth Escalona, 23, rejected a prosecutor's original offer of a 45-year sentence in the beating and abuse of her daughter Jocelyn. The child annoyed her 23-year-old mother over her difficulties with potty training.

The child recovered from a comatose state for which she was hospitalized due to bleeding on her brain. Her body was covered with bruises and bite marks. Some of the skin of the little girl's hands had been torn off when her hands came unstuck from the wall.

Ms. Escalona broke down during the punishment phase of her judge trial when Prosecutor Eren Price forced her to look at color photos of the child's condition following the near-fatal beating.

Judge Mitchell told Ms. Escalona that he believed testimony elicited during the punishment phase of her trial as to the abuse she suffered as a child.

“And again, outside of the context of this trial, I think even the state would find you to be a sympathetic figure, because they prosecute people for what was done to you. But I can't consider that evidence outside of the context of this trial.”

Ms. Escalona's five children are in the custody of her mother.

Her attorney had asked the judge to sentence her to a probated term of sentence,.

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