Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shotgun throw-down nets accused scrap metal thieves

Pair charged with felonies due to priors

Hill County – A Hill County man armed with a shotgun followed two men into a barn near the rural communities of Birome and Mt. Calm.

Deputies had earlier found two trailers there loaded with scrap metal.

After surprising the pair, the unnamed man leveled a shotgun at the two and held them until Deputy Tim Westmoreland arrived to investigate. When the lawman learned they had prior convictions, a magistrate charged David Helms and Stephen Helms, Jr., with the enhanced offense of felony theft.


  1. Hell, I would've probably shot them if they came anywhere inside of my land. Especially if it was my own little settlement that had a barn and everything. I don't know who people think that they are.

    -David Enabulele