Friday, October 12, 2012

Poll shows presidential election most polarized ever

Win will come strictly along party lines
Princeton – Now more than ever, polarization along party lines is the key factor that will determine the outcome of the presidential election.

The electoral votes in battleground states and ultimate victory on Nov. 6 will go to the side that gets out the vote. The latest numbers show there is little indication that voters are prepared to vote for the man, not the party.

An approval rating of 91% given President G.W. Bush among GOP voters during the entire year before the election of 2004 still stands as the record.

But Gallup Poll shows the approval rating for President Obama is the most polarized ever tabulated by that organization during the final month before the election.

Some 90% of Democrats polled gave the President the nod during the final month before the 2012 election, which tops the 85% approval Republicans gave President G.W. Bush the month prior to the election of 2004, while only 8% of Republicans approved of the job the president is doing.
"That underscores the importance of turnout by the party groups in the Nov. 6 election, given that views of the president are largely fixed. Another key in determining Obama's electoral fate may be which side of the 50% approval mark independent voters wind up on; they have been very near 50% approval in recent weeks,” said the Gallup pollsters, who have been tracking the factor of presidential approval since 1953.

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