Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flame war extends to allegations, denial of murder

Delvin Maddison
Suspect named in alleged arson

Waco – Delvin Maddison is heavily tattooed. Designs climb out of his collar – a triangular shape, perhaps a pyramid – and his first name is emblazoned over one of his brows.

He speaks in a patois certain American Yakuza affect, a rapid and rhythmic pattern that resembles the flowing lingo of a Harlem hustler dancing down the sidewalk in the middle of a pitch to an uptown visitor strange to the ways of the Apple's most famous ghetto.

Most of his syntax is rendered unprintable by the use of terms that, if uttered in polite conversation, would be considered extremely offensive. It's all the more incongruous coming from the mouth of a squat, heavily muscled Celtic warrior – a pit bull of a white man with all the signs of an urban gladiator riding for the brand.

In fact, in the video presentations Mr. Maddison posted on his Facebook page, which are included here, readers who feel they might be easily offended by the use of such language are encouraged to forego clicking on the YouTube inserts, or, in the alternative, muting the audio portion.

In one of the videos, he mentions the street name of a man he calls “Mr. Shogun, y'all know who he is," leveling the accusation that he is the one who “did that b___h-ass s__t.”

It's all part of an ongoing dialogue in a flame war of epic proportions between himself and two women he claims are “hating on” him. One of the women is Keri Nicole Schlasman-Cooper, a sister of Ms. Rogers, the other, Carrie D. Woodlock, an old acquaintance certain knowledgeable persons claim was a first love of Mr. Maddison in their past lives as local high school students.

Some examples gleaned from Ms. Woodlock's page:

Carrie D. Woodlock
I aint takeing s__t off my face book ..... I stood up to Delvin before any body else did u f___ing looser...., I was the 1 st one to call him a baby killer so do your home work playboy before u start running your mouth and I aint gotta get nobody to have my back and what you should do instead of hitting females is a f____ing commercial for lucky charms...btw did i mention F__k off
Yesterday at 5:39am · Like · 1

Carrie D Woodlock Just in case I forgot F__k off ..., your a real gentleman arent you...,see your supposed to stand up for women not too them..... I dont hang with Delvin you idiot Delvin sent me that picture of him and my daughter. I took that as a threat and I posted it on Facebook so the world would know that I stood up for Ashley even no matter what because I have 3 kids and I can not imagine what she felt without throwing up. Some times at night I have dreams about D trying to kill me.... And I have to ask myself if there is really a kind of evil that strong to take a womans life away......with her child in her arms

Ms. Woodlock is no stranger to violence. Police found her former husband Kenny Wagner dumped on the streets with a bullet hole in his head in 2004. The case is still considered an open murder investigation.

Female prisoners and certain jail officials who requested anonymity who were incarcerated with Ms. Woodlock and Mr. Maddison's new love interest say that their arguments over whether Ms. Woodlock should provide an alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the fire became so disruptive that jailers at the McLennan County Jail were forced to separate them into different wings of the building.

A sample from Mr. Maddison's page:

im out free and trying to clear my name of badd stuff that people wrongly accussed me my heart goes out to ashely and her kids she was my freind and i would have died saving her if i could have so for all you stupid hatin ass b_____s keep my name out yall mouth love and respect for aqll who know me and know that im not a f___ed person like that facebook im back...”

It is a topic that arouses deep feelings in Mr. Maddison, according to two officers who serve in the U.S. Marshal's Service Fugitive Warrant Task Force.

Mystified, the two officers said no, it was all about some allegations of fraud and theft regarding the illegal appropriation of a car in some shady transaction involving a conspiracy of alleged criminals acting in a combination. Mr. Maddison is one of 9 persons named in indictments attached to the same Waco Police Department case number investigated by Detective Rozyski.

Said Officer Anderson, “Yeah, he was jicking pretty good...He was pretty wound up.”

Ranger Cawthon said, “He kept blabbing it out. He was back there in that back seat hollering about some arson, some fire where a woman and her kids got killed...”

Detective Rozyski has determined that the deaths in the trailer fire were accidental; he has reportedly closed his file.

Certain investigators at the Waco Fire Department have disagreed, and it's touched off a media war between the police, the firemen, and reporters who wrote stories about the allegations.

In the words of veteran newsman familiar with the developing story, “They are all mad at all of us!”

According to an official fire report written by Assistant Fire Chief Yeager, the fire's point of origin was on a couch in the common room, or den, of the residence. Reported at about 6:30 p.m., it was so hot when firemen arrived two minutes later that they could not enter without suffering burns from the flames and steam the intense blaze generated.

In the laconic words of Chief Yeager's report, there are no obvious signs of the use of an accelerant, but the source of the heat that caused the fire is unknown. A chemical analysis and arson investigation is still pending, according to an official spokesman for the department. Fire Marshals Fisk and Vranich were unavailable for comment.

Informed that persistent rumors on the streets hold that Mr. Maddison is the object of a professional “hit,” Ranger Cawthon said, “Good! Society would be a lot better off without him!” 


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  2. At this point, I feel compelled to explain myself. Though I am neither a skilled jurist, nor a learned counsel with the kind of prosecutorial experience Judge Ralph T. Strother has, I, too, have consumed large swaths of reality in my life. I believe we are about the same age, and we are both white-headed. Like Judge Strother, I have never seen anything like this, and having confronted it on a new form of news media, the social medium of Facebook, I decided it definitely qualifies as a news item. It is decidedly offbeat, very unpleasant, thoroughly objectionable, and unusual as can be, but there it is. I have yet to accuse anyone of anything. I am merely waiting to see what happens, because I do believe at this point, just about anything is possible, as bizarre as all this truly appears to be. - The Legendary

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  5. Wel , i wasnt present of ashleys death.... but one thing i know for sure without a doubt, is that he beat me for over ten years , and threatened not only my life but my childrens and families, i also know he was working as ci for up to three years with numerous depts here in waco texas and got off alot of time for his crimes when he should have been locked up n key stored for when jesus arrives, as wel as knowing what happened to ashley,gage n madison, wel il say when i had looked n my own eyes told by this monster what he had done , i was sick devasted and hurt. I know this as well there is SOLID evidence that is being withheld that was found nearly a year later after Ashleys MURDER... y is this man awaiting for doors to be open on sept 29, to come and kill more innocent peopl.... victims... family n children,,,... where and what r the ones that SwORE to serve and protect the INNOCENT... howw is this man about to walk... how ryal gna allow move lives to be taken.... whats its gonna stop to find JUSTICE..... iLL as welll SHeiD the last drop of blood in my body to make sure this man and all others involved including... the females/..... il spend the rest of my life fightn for JUSTICE for the innocent and ones that never had anyone even investage the situation.... phone calls were made, cps was contacted and tips were giving...... to all u so called CHILDRENofgod... or the ones that claim themselves REAL...R parents.... sisters .... aunts uncles inlaws....whoever u r,,, plz we cry out for ur help with the facts n truths behind the deaths of this innocent family...... there are so many that are in fear or dont want to be involved r even apart of.... but the more the good hearted people and gods true children stick together as a whole then the otheres wil never have a chance.... eventually theyll break....... plz for whatever its worth.... if u have any tips that may lead to solving ... this tragic murder...... of a family of three.. plz come forth... and help make justice for many.... in jesus name.... amen...... do whats right...........

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