Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bryce Reed's bail postponed 'by mutual agreement'

Defendant threatened suicide

Waco – Attorney Jonathan Sibley literally took his client's case to the people in the street following the surprise postponement of a bail hearing in Federal Magistrate's Court.

The bond hearing for Bryce Reed, accused of possession of an “unregistered firearm” - a destructive explosive device - was “deferred by agreement,” he told newsmen who gathered across the street from the courthouse in a parking lot after bailiffs banished them from the corridors and lobby of the building.

The judge made no appearance in the courtroom. Neither did prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's office appear.

After putting some items on the record with the court reporter, Mr. Sibley invited media representatives to accompany him across the street for a briefing.

Asked if he has filed a motion for a continuance, the attorney replied, “Not yet.”

He added, “I imagine it will be further deferred.” Waco Division Federal Magistrate Jeff Manske has set bail at $10,000, pending a decision to grant bail following a future hearing in his court.

“I don't think there is any evidence he's a danger to the community,” Mr. Sibley said. “He lost his best friend...It's a tragic event.”

Asked about the charges, he told newsmen, “We're looking forward to examining the allegations...We dispute these allegations.”

He emphasized that there is no chance his client will change his plea of not guilty.

Asked if there will be a hearing in Mr. Reed's future, he said, “Absolutely. He's looking forward to his day in court. He's innocent until proven guilty.”

Mr. Sibley was very critical of the government's case, saying he can see “no connection” between the fire and explosion at the West Fertilizer Company and the discovery of a pipe bomb and explosive supplies at a remote location at Abbott, Texas, in Hill County, alleged to have been stashed there by Bryce Reed.

“There's no evidence he had anything to do with events in West, Texas...I think it's unfair. There has been some speculation, these vague statements. I think they need more than these.”
The defendant and his legal representative will demand strict proof of the allegations filed against him. “I think the community expects it.”

At a community meeting on Sunday evening, Mr. Reed's wife, Brittany, blurted out to persons waiting outside, on the sidewalk, “I've been talking to the press all day.”


“Because my man is the one who got caught with the bomb-making materials.”

She said federal agents interrogated her for more than 3 hours following a pre-dawn arrest of Mr. Reed.

The attorney, Mr. Sibley, said he had no idea where the arrest took place, or exactly when.

“He doesn't have any bail yet, but if he gets out, he's going to kill himself,” she told an associate of The Legendary, Ty Poelker.

Mr. Reed was a first responder at the explosion, and helped to pull from the wreckage the bodies of the 12 men who were trying to fight the fire before the massive explosion occurred.

A former paramedic with the West Volunteer Fire Department, he was dismissed from that post two days after the tragedy for unknown reasons.

Asked about the dismissal, Mr. Sibley said, “I have no knowledge of that.”

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