Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Westboro Baptist lost in dust and magic of history

Department of now it can be told
Members of Westboro Baptist Church protest at a soldiers' funeral
West – It shall be written on the wind – somewhere in the magic and dust of history – that it came to pass that a man stood up to the Westboro Baptist Church in a place called West.

They ride from Topeka to make a shrill hue and cry about homosexuals in uniform and how “God hates fags...”

They show up at funerals of fallen soldiers, et. al., to raise hell and make loud noises as grieving families inter their sons, consign them to the Earth with a prayer to their Maker.

It is a most unseemly and rude occurrence in anyone's book, even in that Good Book, The Holy Bible

But the folks from Westboro Baptist Church forgot when they announced their plans to defile the funerals of some mighty warriors who fell before the hell fire and flames of a chemical explosion that shook Earth to her roots in this prairie town by the interstate, West, Texas. It's a Czech community, home of the best farmers in these parts.
Sheriff Parnell McNamara

When you check in to a motel or hotel, you are required to give the particulars on your auto registration.

Where other law men have previously held back – there ought to be a law, and there is, the Fist Amendment - Sheriff Parnell McNamara of McLennan County, Texas, kept the Westboro Baptist Church members who came here under constant surveillance, their every move scrutinized and recorded.

Then he went one step further. He appeared at a press conference – on camera – and he gave a statement that allowed that anyone – motorcyclist, militia man, preacher, or cheerleader – anyone who dared disrupt the solemn occasion of a fallen warrior's interment and consignment to the Earth would be “prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

They never showed their ugly faces. Anywhere. They never left their motel.

So mote it be.

I have spoken.

I am sincere. Click here for the minority report - And don't call the fireman out his name. Ever.

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  1. That Sheriff is a real patriot, God bless him.

  2. Westboro has slithered back from whence they came!! They are NO match for OUR lawmen!!