Thursday, May 2, 2013

Emergency plan - Do you have any evidence at all?

News conference stalled in shouting...
Emergency Chief Frank Patterson on the hot seat with attorney Mike Dixon
Waco – The hour-long news conference started with County Commissioner Will Jones accusing a Dallas broadcasting station of making a false report that McLennan County has no emergency planning committee.
Will Jones, freshman Commissioner

WFAA's Brett Shipp asked, “Sir, do you have a single shred of evidence that you have an LEPC (local emergency planning committee)?”

The County Commissioner looked at the lawyer, made a cut-off sign across his neck, and it was all over.

From the beginning, it was all downhill, and then the conference broke up in a shouting match. 

That's when the Commissioners Court's Attorney, Mike Dixon, told emergency coordinator Frank Patterson to stop taking questions.
WFAA newsman Brett Shipp
It won't be the most pleasant 20 minutes of your life, but if you listen to the edited audio recording, you will get general idea of what it was like.

The bottom line is this. The powers that be are taking no questions and giving no answers as to how the disastrous explosion of 270 tons of ammonium nitrate happened, and how hundreds of families are homeless as a result.

Click here to hear an audited recording:

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  1. This commissioners court love to violate the law and go behind closed doors.