Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Video of West fertilizer blast – 'It was a plane...'

Devastated apartment complex near West Fertilizer Co.
'It was a plane...It was a plane? It was a plane'

West – Many people who lived through the blast at West are of the mind that a flying object - a plane or a missile- hit the plant and caused the explosion.

A man from West named Paul Lannuier posted this YouTube video, made shortly after the blast at the West Fertilizer Co. on April 17.

So far, it's had 928,339 viewers.

Mr. Lannuier, who lives to the south of the devastation, in West, had gone to see about a woman named Andrea, who lived at the devastated apartment complex directly across the street from the rest home, located very near the scene of the blast at the fertilizer company.

At 6:50 on the 8:23 tape, you can clearly hear Mr. Lannuier ask, “What happened?”

She responds, “It was a plane...”

He asks, “It was a plane?”

She replies, “It was a plane.”

Later, as he cruises the street closer to the explosion, one may see the houses directly in the blast zone, as they are burning.

At 7:34 on the tape, Mr. Lannuier is heard saying, “Yeah, this is not your average meth lab explosion.”

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