Thursday, May 9, 2013

Open carry march through Temple Saturday high noon

Temple – In a Blog Talk radio appearance, M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham said he plans to make a march across Temple, openly carrying a long gun on Saturday, June 1.

It's the same thing he was doing when he was arrested earlier this spring on a lonely stretch of rural road near the airport in this city while on a ten-mile hike with his son, a Boy Scout.

This time, he intends to have companionship, fellow hikers bearing arms, locked and loaded.

He was originally charged with resisting arrest, a Class A Misdemeanor, because he was “rudely displaying” a firearm. The charge was amended to interfering with an officer when the cops took the gun away. They still have the AR-15 and a .45 semiauto pistol he was carrying with a concealed carry handgun license.

He didn't say where he intends to form up with fellow Second Amendment enthusiasts, or when. He did invite them to join him.

“Bring a long gun,” he said. “Shotgun or rifle.”

Reached by message on his Facebook page with the question regarding time and place, he said, “Noon.”

He did not say where they would form up. We are waiting word on that.

During the interview, he told the radio host, a representative of a combat clothing and gear supplier, that he was surprised by the number of people at the NRA Convention last Friday.

Something seems to be happening in the world of gun owners, he concluded. Contributions totaling $45,000 have poured in to his blog since he was arrested.

Sgt. Grisham is a decorated veteran of two combat tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Click here for more information:

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