Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Temple Deputy City Attorney - “You are the reason”

Grisham Dashcam witheld over blogsters

Temple – According to Nan Rodriguez, 'The Legendary' investigative reporter and blogster R.S. Gates is “precisely the reason” that a judge ruled the Dashcam recording of C.J. Grisham's arrest is not for public viewing.

She is a Deputy City Attorney for the City of Temple.

One may hear her opinion by clicking here:

Sgt. Grisham first asked the City Council to approve a resolution in full support of a strict construction of the Second Amendment, which guarantees that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

They turned him down cold. Mayor Bill Jones said such a request is improper because it's not the job of a city's government to help reinforce such basic civil rights of its citizens, or to support any such policies as the Bill of Rights.

The City of Temple has other, much larger fish to fry, he implied.

That's when the sergeant took a stroll on a Saturday noon in March with his son, the Boy Scout, an AR-15 suspended from a one-point sling across his chest on a 10-mile hike down a country road near the airport.

He is a military intelligence specialist with multiple overseas tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When a citizen saw him walking thus locked and loaded, she called dispatchers, who sent three police officers to query his right to own and publicly display such a weapon. There is no state law against carrying a long gun in public.

In longer, more extended interviews, Ms. Rodriquez made the following three things clear.

  1. As a result of M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham's experiment, the legal department of the City of Temple has had little time to do anything else other than answer public information requests for the arrest report, affidavit of probable cause, and Dashcam video recording.
  2. When the case gets it day in County Court at Law, jurors will undoubtedly see something they aren't seeing in the videos released on Vimeo by Sgt. Grisham, said Ms. Rodriguez.
  3. It will continue to be the policy of the City of Temple that if the public display of firearms upsets citizens, prosecution will follow, regardless of the pro-gun sentiments of certain blogsters and others of their “ilk.”

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  1. I was thinking of moving to Temple. It no longer bothers me. I will not.