Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alaska Senator Edges Tea Party Favorite With Write-Ins

Lisa Murkowski first Senator to win off-ballot re-election in 50 years

She eschews earmark ban, dumps Sarah Palin as Presidential candidate

Juneau – When the write-in ballots for Senator Lisa Murkowski reached an edge of more than 10,000 with only 700 votes left to count over Tea Party-endorsed challenger and nominee Joe Miller, the Secretary of State called the Senator in Washington, D.C. with the good news.

That figure included more than 8,000 ballots challenged by Joe Miller on grounds of illegibility or misspellings. Mr. Miller's organization has not yet made a decision on whether to demand a recount.

She is the first Senator to win re-election as a write-in candidate in more than 50 years and Lisa Murkowski did so after refudiating former Governor Sarah Palin as a potential Presidential condidate.

She told CBS anchor Katie Couric that Mrs. Palin lacks the “intellectual curiosity” is takes to make a good president.

What's more, her office issued a statement today opposing a Republican-inspired resolution calling for a ban on Congressional earmark spending.

Becuause her re-election has not yet been certified, she was unable to vote in the resolution, but had she been able, she said, she would have voted against it.

“The notion that Congress would abdicate its constitutional duty and turn federal spending over to government bureaucrats is wrong and goes against the Constitution's mandate that says the power of the purse lies with the legislative branch of government,” she said.

She said that “Furthermore, an earmark moratorium will not reduce the level of spending by one cent or decrease the deficit...”

The entire Alaska Congressional delegation “is united on this issue,” she said.

Ms. Murkowski said she intends to continue to caucus with the Republican delegation to the U.S. Senate, but will go her own way in many matters requiring her vote.

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