Wednesday, November 17, 2010

VA Assigns Officer To Verify Claims Involving Secret Missions

MacDill Air Force Base, Florida – Afflicted with injuries both physical and psychological, a trooper long since home from the war turns in a claim to the Department of Veterans Affairs for service connection.

The claim is denied. There are no records of his involvement in any such mission.

Where was he and when was he there?

The information is classified. There is no way of verifying his claim.

Case dismissed.

Not true. At least, not now. Things have changed.

The VA just came up with a remedy for the decades-long problem experienced by many who served in sensitive theaters of the war, places like Cambodia, Laos, Central America, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, or Iraq – or anywhere else.

A special liaison officer at the Special Operations Command with direct access to classified files is now standing by to process VA claims that previously could not be verified, according to an “Army Times” story that appeared recently.

The program has been in place since December, 2009, according to the article, authorized by an agreeement between the Pentagon and the VA.

Though the liaison officer is not necessarily a veteran of the special ops teams of the Army, Navy, or Marines, he has the necessary security clearance to get the information that is needed to process claims for combat wounds, post-traumatic-stress disorder and diseases that are presumptive evidence of exposure to certain toxins such as Agent Orange.

“Claims from veterans who say they took part in an intelligence operation run by the Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency or other government organization also can be researched by the VA liaison officer if a classified mission is involved,” according to the article written by Rick Maze of “Army Times.”


  1. How do I contact the VA liaison officer?
    Has anyone who served in the USAFSS 6960th,
    6949th, or College eye circa 1967-1971
    ever received benefits. The flight missions
    were classified. I flew a 104 combat missions
    and I have given all my documentation to the
    VA. I have been denied ANY service connected
    disabilities. In fact, the VA shrink says
    she doubted I was ever in combat. I was in
    COMBAT APPLE, I received the "air medal" four
    times, I received combat pay, I was awarded
    the combat crew badge, I received both the
    RVCM and VSM. The missions were flown over
    SE Asia. Do I qualify for being a "combat"
    veteran or not? The VA says not? Does that
    mean the AF lied?

  2. Sir, I doubt very seriously if I could fill your shoes, but if I were in them, I would waste no time getting down to the V.A. Regional Office at 701 Clay in Waco where I would request direct communication with the Special Ops Liaison Officer at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. I know the VA has rigorous and exacting protocols and demands strict proof of all combat experience and it must be hard to pin that down in cases where folks were flying the route for the spooks. Please keep The Legendary posted as to what you discover and good luck, shipmate. I'm on your side - all the way to San Jose with LBJ, hoss. Count on that.
    - The Legendary

  3. Does anyone actually have the
    e-mail address of the VA Liaison Officer
    for SECRET missions ?

    1. Last time I tried to get in touch with one it went like everthing else with the VA. He was supposed to be located in Florida, he had an e-mail address, and a phone number.
      I NEVER received any response via any of the afore mentioned contact points. I finally gave up, got pissed off, sick, and said to myself, "Oh, well. Just another piece of VA BS!".

  4. Is there a V.A. Regional Office in Arizona, Nevada,
    or Calif. If so, who would I ask for so that
    I could actually talk for the Liaison Officer?

  5. For starters, Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Marine, know ye well that all information may be obtained by calling 1-800-1000 M-F.

    VA Regional Offices in AZ, CA, and NV:
    Phoenix - 3333 N. Central Ave., 85012-2435
    Los Angeles - 11000 Wilshire Blvd, 90024
    Sacramento - 10365 Old Placerville R. 95827
    Henderson - 400 N. Stephanie, Suite 180 89014
    Las Vegas - 1919 Jones Blvd., Suite A 8914
    Reno - 1155 W. 4th St., Suite 101, 89503
    Nellis AFB - 4700 N. Las Vegas Blvd, 89191-6601

    The Nevada numbers are "Vet Centers," which seem to be very helpful in terms of answering and clarifying questions regarding order of battle, command locators and the like.

    Additional help may be obtained through the IRIS system (Inquiry Routing and Information System) It's on your web search engine.

    Finally, though it is painful to say so, please, for me, a fellow serviceman, as a personal favor, if you must, first consider selling your life to the enemy at the highest possible price. Do not allow him a cheap victory over our side. If there are any problems with the way you are feeling, call 1-800-273-TALK and find a way to make the bastards LISTEN when you talk.

    I am personally offended and deeply hurt to think that you participated in missions which our government - or its highly skilled and well-paid representatives - refuses to acknowledge!

    That is utter bilge and stinks to the highest of heavens. In our world of much sorrow, it is intolerable, unsat and messed-up.

    All hail!

    You WILL call 1-800-827-1000 - for The Legendary Jim Parks' sake, if for no one else's, and ask all pertinent questions concerning Special Ops Liaison Officer at Special Ops Command Headquarters, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida, forthwith, or I will eat my flat hat and ask for seconds.

    Drop Rick Maze an e-mail at "Army Times" if nothing else works. Rattle my brother scribe's cage and see how it sounds. He will love you and I for it if you do.

    - The Legendary

    1. START eating !!! That is who I tried to contact (or perhaps his predecessor) and got NO response. Now, start on seconds!

  6. Here is a briefing on what is meant by COMBAT APPLE operations in SE Asia.

    The Legendary

    1. I'll be damned. Oh, I am! The description of the Combat Apple missions out of Okinawa sounds like my history report. I also flew in College Eye out of Korat, Thailand. Agent Orange has been reported (officially) in both places but, the good ol'VA doesn't read and if they do, they don't understand English!
      In addittion to flying out of the above two places, I also flew combat missions out of Clark AFB, in the Philippines.
      All the above was for the 6990th USAFSS. Want more ? OK,
      I flew over CUBA, around China, Korea, Russia while stationed in Offutt AFB, Nebraska, USA. I'll admit, not many times but; I did do it. As A civilian I've worked nearly 30 years for the AF, Navy, Army, CIA, FBI (in some small way....OK, I was a well paid contractor). All that, counts for about a quarter (25 cents) with the VA. Oh, I forgot I spent more than a decade working for:

      NASA/Caltech/Jet_Propulsion laboratories
      These locations were really the same place. Why ? Because
      (and I'm guessing here) they needed "shell" companies.
      Hell, I once worked there with 5 levels of "shells" above me. I guess that was a way to justify the costs for the contract. The last time I worked there, I was told the overhead for me was about the same as my labor. It exceeded 6 figures. Talk about, a waste. On the bright side, it was a fantastic place to work. Didn't think I had a "bright" side did you ? I DO! Just, not for the VA !!!

      Yes, I worked for the bucks and didn't expect an "retirement funds" from any of the companies, nor did I expect "retirement" from the military. I DO BELIEVE (whole heartedly) that I earned and deserve VA benefits. I'm not a hero, I think the VA would/could "push the point" since I've been a PATRIOT my entire life.

      Now do you really want to laugh???

      Last Month, I went to the VA clinic and the nurse told me:

      "The VA wasn't there to take care of me. It isn't an insurance policy"

      I replied with, "Then why does my doctor have the title:
      Primary CARE Doctor ? "

      To which he replied, "You were in the military. You know the VA doesn't ""MEAN"" that."

      This is just a sample of things that have irritated me about the VA "point of VIEW". I could go on, and on, ... and on.

      Last One;
      Late last year, I talked with a VA representative and he recommended some one to talk to about getting the VA to reconsider my case. I have submitted over a 1000 pages of
      documents to the VA. He told me, "I didn't have a case unless
      Agent Orange was used in OKINAWA". He said that he would submit the file to the VA. He told me to wait 4 or 5 months for their reply. I did, when I got the reply, it stated that the request was denied because nothing was submitted.

      To tell you the truth, I don't think the VA will ever get anything right. I don't know any veterans that said the thought the VA was doing an adequate job. No S..T !

      Thanks for listening to a veteran who is pissed off because his country has turned its back on me (an I know a lot of Vietnam War Vets that feel this way).

      The VA is just there to deny Veterans benefits. Hell, now they are garnishing my Social Security retirement for my VA co-pays.

      Do they seriously think I'd go there if I had the funds to go to another health provider ???

      Why? You might ask, is this guy writing so much....In a round about way I am trying to follow your advice.
      Maybe, just maybe .... when pigs fly ...someone in the VA or someone who knows someone who works for the VA, case you believe in miracles a politician or a VA administrator reads my message. Then, I hope he feels like a useless individual, quits his job, and commits suicide (OK, maybe not suicide; how about just an accident tripping on a ....
      That my friend, should be all a vet needs to get the VA benefits that he earned and rightly deserves !!!

  7. OK, we now (I always did) know what "Combat Apple" did.
    Why doesn't the $%&*( VA understand what the "Combat" in
    "Combat Apple" meant ???
    In addition to "Combat Apple", I flew around 50 missions
    in SE Asia with "College Eye". Take a look at that
    organizations mission statement and tell me, if you
    can guess, why the VA doesn't think they were involved
    in any combat. I am so tired of trying to explain my
    military history to people who do not have the foggiest
    idea what I did. I also flew a few missions out of
    Omaha, Nebraska with the 699th Security Service.
    Their missions statement probably doesn't mention,
    China, N. Korea, Russia, Cuba, etc. And of course,
    the MiG's didn't try to intercept us in those locations. This may sound like I'm complaining.
    And, I AM !!! Fighting the VA is worse than fighting
    the enemies of the U.S.
    I have found the enemy! And, it is U.S. !!!
    Any more insight into the workings of the VA would
    surely/sorely be appreciated.

  8. Fighting Soldat de America, hark: The most cogent explanation I have ever heard of the rather abstruse and arcane workings of the VA claims system came from a professional with more than 30 years experience working in the system.

    He likened the process to the perfection of the record in an elaborate insurance claim involving first the exhaustion of all administrative remedies before a hierarchy of tribunals beginning with a "decision review officer" and ending with the Board of Veterans Appeals at Washington, D.C.

    One is at pains to furnish the record with official written evidence in support of any claim of service connection of injuries sustained while on active duty. In the case of psychological injuries, one is at pains to establish how they occurred while in combat and the combat mission must be verified.

    It occurs to me that with the advent of the special operations liaison officer - an officer who has a security clearance and therefore a "need to know" - a person with authorized access to the official record, a claimant is in an enhanced position to obtain the evidence to establish a claim by the record where representatives of the various tribunals attached to the VA hearing apparatus have no such access.

    They have not the need to know. That does not necessarly mean that there is nothing to know and nothing to establish - at least not now.

    The word is that the liaison officer is possessed of the ability to "sanitize" the record in suitable fashion to be turned over to the civilian world made up of persons who have not the privilege of access to such classified material, which is considered secret or top secret.

    "A bitching soldier is a happy soldier."

    They all fear the Gary Cooper coming out in a man, one who has become strong, silent and committed to some course of rigorous action in which he has a plan, a rationale and a singleness of steely-eyed purpose.

    Be there or be square, soldat. Strike hammer while iron is hot, and other words to that effect.

    I think the worm done turned at this point, hoss; the world done turned upside down, and I would like to be amongst the first journalistas de scribbolus front and center and ready to write it up.

    Drop me a line at

    Salud, dinero, y amor, amigo. I am sincere.

    - The Legendary