Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sabers Rattle, Shells Explode, Jets Scramble In Yellow Sea

I'm reading Lefty's papers, although I don't know why.
Assassins, cons and rapers might as well die
- Steely Dan, 1970-something or the other

Inchon, Korea – South Korean military officials report at least 10 casualties and damage to buildings following an artillery barrage on an island in the Yellow Sea that began about 2:30 p.m. local time today.

F-16 fighter jets scrambled and retaliated in air strikes on North Korea after 200 rounds fell on Yeonpyeong Island, located about 80 kilometers west of Seoul, just south of the North Korean coast. South Korean artillerymen responded with 80 rounds fired at the enemy.

The attack came during a service-wide alert and military exercise simulating an attack by North Korean forces.

In May, the North Koreans sank a 1,200-ton displacement South Korean corvette in a class equivalent to the Destroyer Escort type of the U.S. Navy with a torpedo.

Over the weekend, the revelation that North Korea has perfected and brought on-line a uranium-enrichment plant came amid rumors of war and widespread talk of another nuclear test in the planning stages.

Cross border artillery and mortar attacks on troops patrolling the Demilitarized Zone are routine in this divided nation. So far, knowledgeable military experts say, the South Korean response to what is considered a definite escalation of hostilities is nothing other than standard operating procedure.

Shelling continued throughout the day, according to updated reports.

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