Saturday, November 27, 2010

Native Son Willie Nelson Busted By The Border Patrol

They found 6 ounces of marijuana on the bus after someone smelled them burning one while they rolled through the check point

Sierra Blanca - Sometimes it takes a legend to really wring out all the blood and sweat and tears there are to be found in the blues - the white boy blues that come out of the cotton patches and factories, the truck stops and the back alley crap games in the dusty nights hot as hell and black as ink.

There are few beer joint characters up and down the interstates who don't have a Willie Nelson story, how the old boy came in the place, got to talking to people, real friendly, then went out to the car and got his old guitar and played them a couple of his tunes.

It's true. He really is that kind of a man. I've seen him in action.

He's an entertainer and a poet, an interpreter of the tones and times who sings just a split second behind the beat and picks like wild fire.

Up here on this hell hole of a ridge top where the highway winds around a mountain range and plunges off into another long, drawn-out grade headed for El Paso del Norte. You can see for many miles and there is a border checkpoint where they keep a dog on a leash on the other side of the grade, headed east, just to see if he will alert at the smell of any reefer madness.

Somebody opened the door of Honeysuckle Rose and the odor of a burning green, leafy, herbaceous substance came drifting out where a federal officer of the law, a Border Patrolman, smelled it.

Mr. Willie Nelson, described in the encyclopedia as a native son of Abbott, Texas, born in 1933, a country singer and song writer of international fame, told the gendarmes the 6 ounces of weed belonged to him and the deputies of the Hudspeth County Sheriff hauled he and two others in on the charges where they set his bond at $2,500 and let him go on his way - on the road again.

God speed, Mr. Nelson. We need you out here with the rest of us. You be careful, hoss. Real careful. Times are hard enough like it is, you hear?

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