Sunday, November 28, 2010

Diplomatic Cable Leak Likely To Raise Much Hell For Uncle Sam

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Wikileaks to release sensitive information; U.S. is briefing allies pronto and preemptively

London - A projected release of back channel diplomatic cables by Wikileaks has sent U.S. government types into high power damage control mode.

Since the government does not know precisely what will be leaked, or when, the United States is in the embarrassing position of not knowing exactly what to tell its allies to prepare for the onslaught of negative opinion that will surely follow.

Private assessments of personalities, motives and prospects for future cooperation are among information it is rumored will be placed at public disposal on the organization's website, according to published reports.

The diplomatic cables are said to be seven times the volume of nearly 400,000 documents concerning the war in Iraq and Afghanistan that were leaked in October and include assessments of political movements inside allied countries during recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

According to the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, James F. Jeffrey, the information presents a serious barrier to further diplomatic normalcy. The Obama Administration warned that lives are in danger as a result.

Suspicion focuses on U.S. Army PFC Bradley Manning as the alleged leaker of the information.

Foreign diplomats have told newsmen that it is their understanding the person who betrayed the secrecy of the communications has been arrested.

The Wikileaks organization is headed by Julian Assange, a former computer hacker from Australia who is on the run in Scandinavia and England at present.

Mr. Assange has told interviewers that the documents leaked so far contain information which "intersects" with the classified and secret intelligence operations of such government agencies as the CIA. For a quick and dirty digest of what has been released so far, go to:

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