Thursday, November 25, 2010

FED Watchdog Agency Critical of DOJ's Pursuit of Panthers

New Black Panther Party for Self Defense toted the stick, wore berets at Philly polls

In a 2009 National Geographic television broadcast, New Black Panther Party members are shown
marching on, and burning an American flag while others are shown posing with weapons.

King Samir Shabazz, a member of the Philadelphia chapter, is filmed bluntly denouncing and advocating direct violence against whites.

“I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker, I hate him...There’s too much serious business going on in the black community to be out here sliding through South Street with white, dirty, cracker, whores [bleep] on our arm. And we call ourself black men with African garb on. What the hell is wrong with you, black man? . . . We keep beggin’ white people for freedom. No wonder we not free. Your enemy cannot make you free, fool. You want freedom, you going to have to kill some crackers. You’re going to have to kill some of their babies.”

Mr. Shabazz and Jerry Jackson, whom federal authorities describe as a subordinate to him in the Philadelphia chapter, are depicted in a video outside a Philadelphia polling place on Fairmount Ave. on election day, 2008.

They are dressed in paramilitary garb, wearing the Panthers' signature black berets. Mr. Jackson is sporting a night stick. They were reportedly shouting racial epithets at white people, harrassing poll workers and poll watchers.

All this has become the subject of a federal lawsuit prosecuted by the Voting Rights Division of the Department of Justice, an action critics say has not been very vigorously pursued by government attorneys due to political pressure applied by the Attorney General and White House staff.

The critics?

Let's try the oversight agency appointed to ride herd on questions of this type, the Federal Civil Rights Commission.

It's all covered by a 144-page report recently released by the Commission that is highly critical of the Department of Justice. The main thrust is that certain supervisors inside the department are reluctant to pursue cases alleging complaints of reverse racism against such minority defendants as the New Black Panther Party For Self Defense.

Staff attorneys who work on such cases are marginalized and isolated, according to the report. Two who worked on the New Black Panther Party case were ordered to ignore subpoenas and told not to testify. neither of them work for the department.

Naturally, Mr. Shabazz, Mr. Jackson and others have refused to be deposed, citing their Fifth Amendment right to be safe from self incrimination.

Other allegations leveled by the commission include:

1. witholding documents under unspecified executive privileges;
2. refusal to provide witness statements from poll watchers;
3. a heavy redaction of FBI incident reports;
4. a refusal to provide copies of pleadings prepared for managers;
5. provide copies of memos between trial attorneys and managers;
6. a refusal to provide e-mails between divisions and staff
7. the outright refusal to provide a copy of an order default judgment.

A full copy of the report may be found at:

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