Monday, November 8, 2010

“RINO” Alaska Senator Has Chance To Win With Write-Ins

Anchorage - Labeled a “Republican In Name Only,” GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski waged a write-in campaign that is starting to appear successful in a bid to keep her job.

Early returns show she is 13,439 write-in votes ahead of Tea Party-endorsed conservative candidate Joe Miller.

Though the write-in votes are not yet certified or even all counted, indications show Ms. Murkowski, roundly criticized as a liberal by ex-Governor Sarah Palin, could win re-election.

That is leaving neoconservatives with a question of just how she will legislate following her humiliation as a Senator who failed to win her party's nomination for re-election.

She has garnered a lot of support from Native Americans and union workers in this heavily organized state.

Pro-lifers and construction contractors who have chafed at federal regulations that require abortion on demand and preferential treatment for minority contractors are up in the air on whether she will cleave to her former conservative party line – or go the other way and vote independent of GOP directions.

She is on record as saying she will caucus with Republicans and vote independently.

“I think so much about representation is trusting me to do what I think is the right thing,” she told newsmen when word of the successful write-in campaign was announced over the weekend.

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