Thursday, September 2, 2010

911 Tape: Total Denial After Killing of Grandfather

Bruceville-Eddy - The policeman dispatched to investigate an accidental death confronted outright denial of a brutal

When the patrolman entered the house in Bruceville-Eddy, he found blood spattered on the walls, the ceiling and followed a trail on the floor from the bathroom to the kitchen sink where he found a large butcher knife and a bloody hammer soaking in running water.

He was there to investigate an "accidental death" reported
by the grandson of the man he found in the bathtub,
"obviously deceased," according to his arrest report.

Only minutes before, Aaron Firquin, 45, had called and told
a 911 dispatcher in an obsequious, little boy tone of voice
that he wanted to report an accidental death.

The Dispatcher is heard on a tape of the call saying, "Do
you know what happened, or do you not know what happened?"

"When I got up this morning," Mr. Firquin said, "I found him
in the bathtub with water running."

The dispatcher, identified on the tape only as Kristen,
asks, "You found him in the bathtub with water running?"

Her tone of voice clearly indicates she was puzzled.

The entire conversation by then had taken on a surreal tone.
Clearly, there is something very wrong and the young lady is
trying hard to get at the truth, only to be frustrated with
Mr. Firquin's vague and mumbled answers.

According to an autopsy, Enos Firquin, 88, died as a result
of massive stab wounds inflicted by someone wielding a large
knife and blunt force trauma believed to have been caused by
the bloody hammer Patrolman Daniel Edwards found in the

Mr. Firquin was the former mayor of Bruceville-Eddy.

Aaron Firquin is his grandson.

Patrolman Edwards notes in his probable cause affidavit in
support of a warrantless arrest that what he saw was
"inconsistent with the (what) the people in the residence
(gave for) a story."

He found two males and a female there when he arrived, he
notes. None of what they told him about what happened
matched what he was seeing at the crime scene.

A closer look at the premises showed clear signs of violence
that started in a back bedroom.

"It was apparent that (there) was a violent struggle in the
back bedroom." Furniture was thrown around the room and
there was a trail of blood spatter that led to the bathroom,
then a dripping trail of blood to the kitchen sink where "In
the sink I located a large butcher knife...still running on

After he placed Mr. Firquin in the back seat of his patrol
car, he arrested him and on the way to police headquarters,
he noticed that a wound had been "ripped open" on the man's
wrist. He had emergency medical technicians bandage it, but
Mr. Firquin somehow opened the wound three times on the way
to City Hall, then to the hospital. Each time the policeman
had ambulance technicians rebandage the wound.

At Hillcrest Memorial Baptist Medical Center, emergency room
technicians took a blood sample from Mr. Firquin and
bandaged his bleeding wrist again.

He is held on a $5 million bond, charged with capital murder
of his grandfather.


  1. Any update on this. Your narrative was unlike any coverage of this story. I went to high school there and knew the Firquins.

  2. According to the Court Coordinator for the 54th State District Court, Mr. Firquin is scheduled to be tried for murder on June 27, 2011. He is presently held in McLennan County Jail on a $5 million bond. - The Legendary

  3. To anonymous. It's because this story is not all true. Reporters should get their information together before they go and put false allegations.

  4. Mr. Anonymous: Nothing in this story purports to be based upon anything other than that which it has been attributed. Namely, that is an affidavit of probable cause in support of a warrant of arrest, sworn and subscribed before a magistrate. Other aspects of the narrative are based upon the public record of the offense and arrest reports filed by the investigating officer. As you know, any other information is privileged as "work product" of the law enforcement investigators, and is not available for public distribution.

    In any case, neither this reporter, nor any other is the finder of fact in a criminal or civil lawsuit. Either the Judge, or the jurors are charged with that responsibility.

    Personally, I have many questions about the allegations of complaint as to what the State of Texas has charged happened to Mr. Firquin at the Firquin residence, all of them based on the public record as presented by the arresting officer. Quite simply, sir, there is no other information available other than that which is part of the public record.

    The burden of proof is on the prosecution, and no one else. All of this, and much other information, will be presented if there is a trial by judge or by jury. Certainly, all this should be clear to you. If not, may I suggest that you read my news account once again? Certainly, I won't cost you anything, now, will it?

    The Legendary
    Jim Parks

  5. I knew EB and Aaron personally and was always scared that EB would be injured or killed in one Aarons drug induced tantrums. I was saddened when I heard the news but it did not come as a shock. I had asked EB why he puts with Aaron and his response was the He was all Aaron had and no one else would deal with his issues. My guess everyone else were tired of the Rage and Lying that Aaron was all about. EB was not perfect but in no way did he deserve to die like this. I don't who the other anonymous who made comments is but I would dare say that EB could have done nothing that would justify his Brutal murder. And I can be reached at if you would like to respond to my post personally. Larry D.