Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aransas County Court at Law Judge whips daughter

Child downloaded music from the internet

BULLETIN: Police are reportedly beginning an investigation into the beating and verbal abuse depicted in this disturbing video.

Corpus Christi - A half million persons have viewed a YouTube video of Aransas County Court at Law Judge William Adams allegedly whipping his disabled daughter with a belt for downloading music from the internet.

The judge reportedly objected to Hillary Adams' downloading music that was not legally available for purchase and forbid her to do it.

In the video, Mrs. Adams may be seen to be encouraging the beating. She reportedly now claims she was a victim of such abuse as a child and has left the marriage over the issue of being manipulated into a similar situation in her relationship with her former husband.

Between the weekend and Wednesday morning the video went viral.

Said young Ms. Adams, who is now 23, “My fther's harrassment had been getting worse and worse, so I set up a camera and caught the beating on video.”

County Court at Law judges hear juvenile cases, misdemeanor criminal cases, admit estates to probate, and preside over civil litigation of minor cases involving limited damages and claims.

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  1. Unnaceptable cruelty. God help this man.