Wednesday, August 1, 2012

911 tapes show different story in Collins murder

Location pinpointed, deputy dispatched
Collins' Hitchin' Post

Whitney – A copy of the 911 audio made from the Hitchin' Post in the early morning hours of July 24 show that an unidentified caller contacted the Hill County Sheriff's Department dispatcher.

The caller reports there are “cars hauling ass all over the property” and abruptly ends.

In a second segment, both of which were obtained through a Texas Open Records Request, the Hill County and Bosque County dispatchers are heard pinpointing the location of the caller in the 1700 block of FM 1713 – at Collins' family's place of business, The Hitchin' Post.

The Hill County dispatcher advises the Bosque County 911 operator that a deputy is standing by at the Sheriff's Department Training Center on FM 1713, and he will have him go by the Collins family's store to see what is happening there.

An arrest affidavit developed from Edwin O. Collins' statements made when he arrived at the Sheriff's Department headquarters in Hillsboro mentions that he made a call to 911 on a cell phone, but the device dropped the call.

Mr. Collins told deputies that his father told him that no officers arrived at the store, and he then left with his sons to report the matter in person at the department's headquarters office in Hillsboro. He further described a night of terror spent hiding with his two sons, waiting for the sun to rise as his daughter, whom he knew he had killed with the shotgun blast, lay dead.

One may hear the audio recordings of both 911 calls by clicking here.


  1. I must corrct ypu on one thing... Judith was 14. Her brother Alex is 17. And her younger sister Logan, is 11.

  2. Thank you. I have been relying on the affidavit. I haven't been able to contact any family members, and, of course, the matter is the subject of an ongoing investigation. Your help is very much appreciated. - The Legendary

  3. I realuze most info is still under investigation, but I am still very concerned about what was the sheriffs response time, how long on scene, where all was investigated, and why Collins Sr said they did not respond.? Thank you.

  4. No doubt that will be a big part of the defense counsel's cross examination of the first witnesses to be called at trial. My best bet as a newsman is to wait until those matters become a part of the public record in court testimony. Thank you for our interest. - The Legendary

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