Saturday, August 18, 2012

Linda Lineweaver questions 100% jail expense increase

Budget figures for the privately-operated Jack Harwell Detention Center show more than a 100% increase for operating expenses in the coming budget year, from $201,000 to better than a half a million.

Ms. Linda Lineweaver called attention to that on the public record, commenting as a member of the public during a meeting of the Commissioners Court.

The response from McLennan County Judge Jim Lewis, "Thank you."


  1. Citizens of MCLENNAN COUNTY,Its time to go to the courthouse.Went you have a comment,do not leave until you get a answer,Judge lewis was backed by the tea party and that will say it all,they do not want to go against him,he will never answer your question,so its time to organize at the commissioners meeting and have them answer your question.

  2. Lewis will never answer questions because he believes he and his cronies are all above everyone else..... Sadly, he continues to hold his seat and will continue to do so until people wake up......