Friday, August 17, 2012

Gunman, shot in July dust-up, busted for kidnapping

When Victor Lamont Jennings jumped in the car with his cousin, he suddenly pulled a handgun and ordered him to “drive around.”
He refused to tell deputies guarding the entrance anything about who shot him, and he remained silent in the face of questions from the Waco police. They have discontinued their investigation due to his lack of cooperation.
After a rambling ride through West Waco, Mr. Jennings' cousin persuaded him to allow a stop at a shopping center near 24th St. and W. Waco Dr., where he went inside a convenience store and called the cops.
When they arrived, they found Mr. Jennings still seated in the car, a gun hidden between his feet. They promptly charged him with kidnapping, unauthorized carrying a weapon, and possession of drug paraphenalia.
Authorities noted they suspect he has a long history of criminal offenses involving drugs and violence.


  1. Waco is getting crazier and crazier

  2. Gun and and violence should be control for the sake of humanity.