Wednesday, August 1, 2012

McLennan Court pays overtime claim of Justice Court

A Precinct 7 clerical employee of Justice Court Judge Jean Laster-Boone will receive just slightly less than $500 in over time payment for work performed in excess of 40 hours per week during past pay periods - hours which were not documented at the time, but must be paid now that the employee is leaving her position. 
The matter came under discussion a week ago when the McLennan County Commissioners Court summoned the Judge to help them understand why there are two sets of records of the former employee's time cards – one set which shows a regular 40-hour work week, the other which shows overtime hours worked, but not turned in to the Treasurer's Office, the Payroll Department, or the Auditor. (click here for an earlier report)

 As the discussion progressed, District Attorney Abel Reyna advised the Court to consult with their attorney before any further discussion or action could take place. In an extended executive session, they learned that the funds must be paid due to a federal law, and when they came out of the session, they voted to make the payment with no further discussion.

County Judge Jim Lewis tapped County Auditor Stan Chambers to write a memorandum to department heads instructing them to adhere to a policy that will require overtime hours to be accounted for during the pay periods in which they are worked. Because most County employees are eligible for compensatory time off instead of overtime pay – unless they are leaving their positions – record keeping has been done according to the preferences of the time keeprs in each department. 

When an employee leaves their position, they must be paid in cash, rather than compensatory time off. Judge Laster-Boone promised to alter the payroll timekeeping system in her department to have the time keeper turn in all hours worked, both regular time and overtime, at the end of the pay period.


  1. See, told you she'd once again escape any punishment from the county...........

  2. True, I think deep down we all knew, she'd escape justice again. Eventually it will catch up to her, just like it did Buddy Skeen.

  3. This woman is unreal!

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