Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wag dog social media concepts, new way in politics

Double, triple agentry through Facebook

"And faith unfaithful kept him falsely true." - Lord Alfred Tennyson, “Idylls of the King”

Waco – In the sophisticated world of the global electronic village, local government candidates get as much mileage from misinformation and disinformation as do candidates for state and national office.

Individuals with strong Facebook and Twitter presence, or a high profile in the comments sections of the blogosphere, may appear to be in opposition to front runners or come-back gainers, but the truth is, they are actually providing a rare opportunity for the objects of their scorn to display statesman-like behavior.

Kathy Schroeder is one example. A severe opponent of Marshal Parnell McNamara in his campaign to become the next Sheriff of McLennan County, Ms. Schroeder is an old friend of the McNamara family.

She voiced bitter opposition to the Marshal's campaign for the Republican nomination against Chief Deputy Randy Plemons, exercising bombast and employing hyperbolic oxymoron at every opportunity.

A recent outburst on the “Race For McLennan County Sheriff” Facebook page is a typical example.

Ms. Schroeder wrote:

Monday at the Bledsoe Community Center (McLennan County Commissioner) Lester Gibson stated that Parnell McNamara intends to resign in 2 years if elected and (Retired Texas Ranger) Matt Cawthon will be the new sheriff. Again, the voters of McLennan County have been hoodwinked......Mr. McNamara had to have graduated from an accredited law enforcement academy in order to be eligible to take the TCLEOSE.”

The string of letters stands for Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education.

Naturally, any such forthright statement bears investigation, so we of The Legendary merely asked the two politicians affected for either their confirmation, or their denial of any such allegation.

Said Marshal McNamara in an impromptu Courthouse lobby interview, “No, if I get myself elected, I'm going to serve my term...Lester's in there,” he said, gesturing toward the Commissioners Courtroom, “You might want to go ask him what he said. I wasn't there.”

The meet and greet in question was held for the candidacy of Ms. Schroeder's choice, The Reverend Willie Tompkins, a former Waco Police Department detective, police academy instructor, and Chief of Police of the McLennan County Community College.

Asked for comment, Commissioner Gibson grinned broadly, saying, “Whoever this Ms. Schroeder is, she's a damn liar. I didn't say that.”

As to the issue of TCLEOSE certification as a peace officer, Marshal McNamara has often addressed the question, pointing out that U.S. Marshal's Service employees are thoroughly trained under federal guidelines to perform their duties in accordance with federal laws and the laws of all 50 states.

There is no such certification requirement for a candidate for Sheriff. A newly elected Sheriff has two years in which he may get TCLEOSE certification, either by going through academy courses and taking the tests, or by quizzing out on tests given experienced officers from other states, or with federal experience.

There are publishing companies specializing in the material in the Austin area; they who produce study guides designed to familiarize an experienced candidate for certification.

Marshal McNamara has on numerous occasions said that if elected, he intends to take the certification test before he is sworn in on January 1, taking the study courses at his own expense.

And then, like the birthers, Ms. Schroeder continues to harp on the Marshal's qualifications, demanding strict proof through a production of the records.

There is one way to straighten this issue out and that is for Mr. McNamara to release his work records from the Marshall (sic) Service. Just release his college transcripts and his credentials, a badge is a not a credential. Mr. McNamara placed in the Waco Trib a badge and his ID, why not place proof that he completed the necessary courses to earn a diploma...”

He has promised an in-depth interview this morning to explain the intricate details of how he retired at the mandatory age of 57 in 2003, after considerable legal wrangling.

The true facts are surprising. Watch these columns for the rest of the story.

NEXT: Marshal Parnell McNamara gives a full accounting of his retirement...


  1. Commissioner Gibson grinned broadly, saying, “Whoever this Ms. Schroeder is, she's a damn liar. I didn't say that.”

    Something we have all known for some time. Well said Commissioner Gibson.

  2. Its about time we have a real sheriff in town,Plemons,Lynch ,and even Gibson want the good old boy system,thanks to the voters that saw through it. Thanks again for the real story by the legendary,the lib trib never really prints the real story,like the budget,the county needs to get rid of Adam Harry,he gets his assistant a raise,then himself and wants another assistant,all three democrats on the court Gibson,Mashek and Lewis voted for a tax increase.

  3. Maybe it's just me but I'd prefer not have a sheriff that does nothing but reminise about when he WAS a ranger which seems to be all your precious parnell can do......You go on and on about the "good old boy" system and yet you aim to elect someone that only knows about the "good old days"

    1. Parnell was never a Ranger. He talks about his law enforcement career because the Sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in the county. Parnell also tells stories about his more recent career as a top security contractor on the boarder battling drug cartels. He's concentrated so much on his career as a Deputy US Marshal because that has been where his opponents have attacked him, his career and his reputation. Liars like Kathy Schroeder who invents quotes and facts that dispute known facts and official records. Or agent McWilliams who is a huge source of misinformation from the current Sheriff admin that have wasted more then $3 million of your tax money.

      Perhaps Mr Tompkins can regal us with stories of his recent law enforcement history. Or stories of his recruitment of criminals to his campaign. Or maybe his spokesperson Kathy Schroedr can make up some more quotes from public officials that were never made or credit people with racial slurs that only exist in her mind.

      Parnell does have a gift for telling his stories. But at least when he tells them, they are true and can and have been backed up by facts.