Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rosebud church desecration part of an old pattern

Drug dealers, cooks worship Satan

Rosebud – Unknown vandals who broke into the First Baptist Church in this city tagged the walls and office furniture with satanic symbols and left their calling card.

“Lott City Gangsters”

Their graffit included inverted pentagrams – known as the Baphomet for its resemblance to a goat's head, inverted Christian crosses, and occult symbols denoting a worship of the devil.

The pastor told newsmen he feels the deed was done by “kids,” but some lawmen recall sophisticated drug making cults who sought protection from narcotics agents through similar practices.

They thought it would make them invisible, “But it didn't work,” recalled retired U.S. Deputy Marshal Parnell McNamara, the Republican candidate for Sheriff of McLennan County.

In the late 80's, a drug kingpin who lived in Woodway organized a satanic church and forced his lieutenants to watch as he copulated with their wives during ceremonies that were designed to make them invisible and invulnerable to police according, to Marshal McNamara.

Distribution hubs in a number of West Waco apartment complexes fell under heavy federal surveillance. When the day came to serve the arrest warrants developed on sealed indictments, the cult members learned they weren't invisible after all.

Similarly, drug makers in the Hill and Johnson County areas have been known to harrass pastors of churches. 

One such pastor who became a member of the Hillsboro City Council suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only his wedding ring and the cash he had in his pockets on the family's kitchen table.

He has never been seen again. Over the years, he often told stories about demon-possessed individuals who made and sold methamphetamines coming to him and pretending to seek spiritual guidance, then making threats to his family and congregation.

In Cleburne, unknown parties often attacked downtown plate glass windows with black marbles shot from wrist rockets. The marbles shattered on impact, leaving a deeply pocked -and ruined - plate glass window. Frightened merchants often said they were being targeted by drug cooks and traffickers.

One of Marshal McNamara's close family relatives recalled that when the investigation and trials of the West cult were concluded, a former priestess of the satanic church approached him and thanked him for helping her get out of an evil lifestyle. Her family joined her, he recalled, in their gratitude.

How was the original information that led to the arrests obtained?

“Oh, one of the high deacons of the church got mad at the old boy because he had been promised he would be made one of the high black warlocks, but instead, he was only promoted to the high red warlock. He came in and gave it all up.”

He laughed. “They weren't invisible, after all.”


  1. This is what real law enforcement officers understand about the dangers of drug gangs. Considering that many of the Mexican drug cartels have adopted a religious practices into their drug business, this could be a real threat. That's why McNamara wants to get Sheriff Deputies more and better training in recognizing these patterns.

    I know there are people out there saying we don't need trained drug officers in the Sheriff's Department. Given the amount of problems and expenses it causes illegal drug manufacturers, dealers, and transporters; I'm sure they support the idea of not having a drug task force, just like the support they gave when our current Sheriff dissolved it. For them, the illegal drug business in McLennan County has never been better.

  2. So I'm confused, is this a story about a "supposed" gang from years back leaving a message recently or is this a campaign ad for parnells puppets?

  3. Just think of it as an opportunity for you to run your ignert haid, bubba. Y'r lookin' good. - The Legendary