Saturday, November 3, 2012

Confidential informant dishes in Bosqueville arson

A picture of Delvin Maddison (click here)
Promise to antagonist: More to come

Our Story: Delvin Maddison is a heavily tattooed man with a history of drug abuse and various other difficulties.

He has been indicted along with 8 others for engaging in organized criminal activity. In his case, the deed cited in the words of the charge, it was done by depriving a man of his car – a souped-up Mustang GT – through fraudulent means.

Inset map of the area under discussion, provided by Facebook
When elements of the U.S. Marshal's Service Fugitive Warrants Task Force came to serve the arrest warrant on him, he reportedly freaked out and started hollering he didn't set fire to a mobile home located at 6312 N. 19th Street in Bosqueville that burned suddenly on February 16, 2012, claiming the lives of a woman named Ashley Dawn Rogers and two of her children. A third child, a three year-old boy, remains alive after his miraculous rescue by a neighbor boy.

Mr. Maddison has since been released on bail, and the Waco Police Department has made a determination that the fire was an accidental cause of the family's lives. The Waco Fire Marshal, however, has not yet signed off on the case. He awaits the result of an ongoing investigation into the heat source that ignited the blaze. According to a report by an Assistant Fire Chief, the fire was so intense that when department members arrived two minutes after the first alarm, they were unable to penetrate the solid wall of smoke and fire that consumed the dwelling. The blaze began on a couch in the den, or common room, and spread quickly to other parts of the trailer.
The key missing element is what, exactly, provided the source of heat that touched off the terrible fire. In a previous edition of The Legendary, he accused a man who goes by the street name of "Shogun" of doing the deed. 

A sister of Ms. Rogers and a former lover have agitated on Facebook pages for his apprehension for what they consider his culpability in a murder by arson. In fact, at one point over the summer, Mr. Maddison's former lover and new love interest quarreled often while held in the McLennan County Jail. Their disputes became so troublesome that jailers were forced to separate them.

In today's episode, a new member of the dialogue named ReBorn Hatrid has entered the mix with an impassioned personal appeal to Mr. Madddison.It is reprinted here below, and may be viewed by clicking here. 

A logo used by ReBorn Hatrid on a Facebook page
He has also named a man who he says is innocent of that which Mr. Maddison has alleged - namely providing the source of heat that killed a mother and her two small children.

If one is easily offended by raunchy language or a nearly complete lack of human empathy, that person would be ill advised to continue reading. The content of this missive is disturbing, to say the least.

It's a developing story that reminds one of episodes of "Dick Tracy" or "Batman" in the old-time funnies of daily newspapers. For instance, there are mug shots of two persons who are to be found linked to ReBorn Hatrid's Facebook page inserted below.

- The Legendary

Well Dirty,
Im just going to be point blank and get right to the point, while being as *respectful as i can, given the circumstances of the situation.. You have been posting videos on several different websites that Myron Schanck MURDERED a woman and 2 of her children and hes gonna pay for it.. Ill tell you right now, if I believed for a split second that he had done that I would not be coming at you in this manner .. But I know what the deal is.. YOU THINK THAT HE BLAMED YOU.. Please allow me to enlighten you Delvin.. and its for no other reason than the fact that all these mother fuckers that were supposedly 200% with "Shogun" as u call him are just sitting back watching you post and listening to your DISRESPECTFUL mouth telling everyone to eat your dick.. And Not a one will try to obtain a Reason for the accusation..
A motto from ReBorn Hatrid's Facebook page
Myron Schanck is the ONLY mother fucker out there that.. even after you were arrested on the org crime.. and claimed you had nothing to do with it and it was ALL him.. still refused to talk to them and confirm that you did those things.. BET THAT.. Delvin he was LITERALLY offered that if he would just name you as the *fire-starter was the word used.. They would set him free! They said that 3 capital murders would definately trump the gun charges.. He took a lie detector test for his sake .. And you were sending him your love and loyalty* through The trustees at the jail.. or thats what they said.. But for what .. He already Knew at that moment what you had told them.. He was the first to know what you stated.. And Im just gonna throw it all out because I aint got shit to lose here.. The United States Marshall himself said that everyone spoken with had placed you there and they had No reason whatsoever to believe Myron to have been there.. that when the warrants were to be issued for *Delvin and his counterparts*.. In black and white.. Im NOT stating anything I cant prove when the time comes if it comes.. And i dont give a flying fuck who you think started saying it was you IF it wasnt .. but i know who that was too.. And i can tell you WORD for WORD what was told to them from beginning to very end as far as statement goes..
Chris Leader Williams (click here)
As far as they dont let *murderers out of jail.. There is a lot of things that are not Suppose to be.. But end up somehow working in ones favor.. Thats our lovely Texas justice system.. But You planted your trust in the wrong soil.. Ill start throwing shit out and posting EVERYTHING I HAVE if u would like .. But like i said I have everything I state and many things I have yet to state in black and white.. And you never play your winning card first.... The ones you THINK would never betray you .. It was out of fear .. not respect .. And is stated openly .. theres a difference.. Im willing to take the consequences of my actions going into any situation.. However .. knowing what i know.. seeing what i have .. and hearing the things i have.. Ill be the first to say NO i dont think it is most advantageous for me to try to speak to you openly or in a mannner that you know who i am because you DONT KNOW ME.. And i dont trust you.. I trust NOONE.. And dont expect you to trust me.. but i dont live my life with enemies.. I have those i consider to be close to me and I will do my best to protect them at all costs.. In return they do the same .. I dont play the fkd up get ya-got ya game all these idiots try to play now.. but I am not throwing myself out there for no reason .. So i made this profile to see if you are gonna reply with a valid reason to Blame someone so you look better.. like you said they dont let murderers out of jail which would mean you were free and clear of accusation so what other reason would you have.. so Im not saying Anyone would admit to the crime.. But to point a finger at someone innocent is just fucking shitty.. If you knew for fact and could back that and provide what they need to solve the case .. then The charge would be Dealt.. And I WOULD BE THE FIRST to openly apologize to you and say i was wrong in my judgement, wrong in my belief and Back the fact that Myron or whom ever is responsible would have to deal with the consequences of their actions.. At this point though I DO NOT believe he was there .. do not believe he had anything to do with it at all .. so I am Gonna stand up for somethin I believe.. And I BELIEVE .. that its blame.. And to me there is just somethin about when a person diverts the attention to someone else.. Its is likely to be to remove the attention from them or theirs.. Thats just the way I look at it.. simply opinion.. Take it for what its worth or leave it layin there.. makes no difference to me.. When someone is called out.. Silence speaks volumes.. And, Not directed at you by any means .. But I am seeing them all silenced .. Out of fear or common sense.. Dont know which one ..
Michael Carbajal (click here)
So with some of this being said, I simply want to know why you blamed Myron Schanck for this.. And if its not blame then why was he not charged with it? I know you do not have to answer that .. But if YOU can give what they need for that womans family to have closure .. Why would you not give it? It would not Be considered snitching so to speak .. IT was someones Life gone..your homegirl is what you said so please explain to me why would you not want to have justice and closure for Ashley and her innocent children? I would think that a man that has so many children would be knocking heads to get justice for them if nothing else. . definetly makes one wonder why you arent... Theres a major difference there.. And if you dont know FOR A FACT.. As Myron stated he did not know FOR A FACT so refused to STATE anything.. Then i will ask you as respectfully as I can to withdraw the things you said of him.. How-When-or If you reply will determine The level of respect you will get back from me.. I choose my words carefully and I think before I speak.. People would do alot better if they would do that more often..
Hope to hear back from ya.. Have a good one


  1. smh ^^ real classy....

  2. The Leader here....MADDISON we know.the other 2 from what i heard that where there...Amy Miller,and Eric Martin aka HOLLYWOOD...will we proove it maybe not.if you look for shit you find shit.waco isnt looking or giving a phones all have gps..but no one has tracked phone records or anything like that.i gues this is a country of pick and to a few this will not be forgotten and if we inflict our own justice hopefully this will fall under the pick and choose catigory...fuck you pedifile baby killing wolves...this will not be forgotten.

  3. Seems like some trailer trash bullshit to me I guess these people think they are cute they need to grow up smh

  4. I see, Anonymous. Then how do you feel about letting the little ones have a chance to grow up? It seems to me that someone curtailed their chances to a fare thee
    well, if you take my meaning. - The Legendary

  5. To the person who created this webpage you must be very bored to make stories up about me and post my picture on your site. as for delving me and him were friends at one time. but when a woman and her kids are killed in a house fire the line has to be drawn. I am not scared of delvin durty d maddisson and if you want to call me a snitch or confidential informant go ahead. people already make statements about me claiming I am a confidential informant. do a background on me and you will see I have never snitched on nobody. but I will say this justice will be served for what delvin did to those kids. by tha way this is Michael carbajal in case you were wondering

  6. Michael, I had no idea whose picture I had posted. What got my attention was the picture of the Mexican bow tie in red and white. Spooky. Anyway, Michael, good luck to you and yours. I had no idea anyone had named you as an informant. In my world, everyone is just fine until they just haul off and prove otherwise. Like, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, man. I'm gonna say this. None of this stuff bores me, Michael. The subject under discussion is hardly boring, to say the least. Come back and chat early and often. - The Legendary

  7. Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...January 24, 2013 at 11:49 PM

    O.M.G...First of all, he's called "dirty d" for a reason. Carbajal, I never once thought you were involved with that fire. An informant, I've heard rumors, but that means nothing to me. You've been straight with me. As for The Legendary, I have a question? Why did you post a picture of my brother, Leader, on your page? It looks to me like you were/are implicating he and Carbajal were involved with the fire. And get off the gas! You knew that was Carbajals photo you posted. Now is not a time to be coy. I have kept my thoughts, opinions, and comments to myself because I am a firm believer that the truth always comes out. Justice will be served for Ashley and the babies. Stay tuned...

  8. Thou art truly mistaken. - The Legendary

  9. blah blah blah dope fiend drama powder puff peddle pushing fairy dust pussy ass drama queens. seriously to put amys name out there like that why dont everyone mind their own fuckin business and leave it up to the fire man who owes it to her that justice gets served. are yall fkn retarded or somethin just reading this shit is more disrespecting to the girl than just to have some fkn respect and mourn in silence and shut the fuck up before and you know who you are gonna get hurt. havent you heard when you dig in the dirt you might get hurt. stop meddling and have some respect keep names out ur mouth turn around and go back to where you came and mind your own fucking business.

  10. I heard that. Roger and receipt. We still here. - The Legendary

  11. I really don't know much about what happened on this day, but one thing I do know is that Leader did NOT have anything to do with this shit! I've known him for 15 yrs & it's complete BULLSHIT that his picture would even be put up here! Get ur facts straight before you start blasting innocent people!

  12. No one said anything like that. These people sent me this material. It creeped me out, so I thought I would just haul off and publish it. Those are the facts.

  13. To the threat made towards me,cowards stay anonymous its okay but take this one to your throat,come up to me wrong and im inviting you, il leave laying there in your pool of blood....and fuck you nutt rideing weak minded people who prey on children and women,im a killer to just not of your breed...this is fly your fairy dust ass in my direction.

  14. Informants not indigted,Informants walk on org crime,one of the informants is dirty,it must be nice to have pull,and the law backing up baby killers,i will say this when we cross, no crys or tears is gonna save your fucking ass,i mean that it is not a threat it is fact,i may be joking about there will be a time il make it happen,il come for your ass,i know what i sighned up for,i wont stand by and get a slap in the face i take it like that becouse children are inocent anyone who preys on the weak is verry weak and deserve to die,i dont give a fuck,your gonna see my true colors boy,,,,im gonna turn the lights off,when your marshal or fed buddys stop watching me i might make a move,,,i speak so openly becouse of the shit you got away with,seems like its a townt to the victims family,you can get away with that shit,no gps tracking or cell phone action,i guess all yall left yalls phones at the faggett ass boathouse.YOUR NOT THAT SMART,you did have a phone and made a call frome the area from what i was told from a verry good source,so WHATS REALLY GOING ON?i truly wonder who is covering your ass,,,lol,,but i may already know,im patient for what im gonna do becouse its gonna be good,the law isnt doing shit,there still on break waiting for mr maddisons daily report,i dont need a agency i.d,or fellow law backing me,im smart and always 13 steps ahead,your gonna pay, and eric martin hollywood is gonna pay as well,i bet if i lit yalls asses up id get away with it,i wont speak on anything im not sertain about but you two got it comeing,if you move i will reach out and touch you with special requests,....everything i sead dont take sereouse becouse threats are illegal i think im not sure, im just venting....and i really dont know the law so i cant get introuble for something i know nothing about,that is also a law i think becouse i really dont know the to just let everyone know its real funny here in waco,but we all have jokes and tricks,everyone is connected some way or another its about to get real funny!/!!! peace and much respect to the one who hasnt closed the investigation and anyone reading this always protect your children there is some sorry ass cowards among us.

  15. correction,informants indighted,the case was dismised,and i agree something verry funny is going on.

  16. Leader here, Delvin Maddison,your pathedic, just like that dope hoe next to you on the video, im a few steps ahead of you, if we cross and if im able il set you on fire,and stick your badge in your ass, but im sure you will like that, fucken queere baby killer,,, eric martin same to you, no more or less.

  17. This is delvin maddison here i got one thing to say god is sttin up stairs looking down on yall tearing up for you all are sadlymistaken . I will eventully get my name out of the mud cause , i not nor i will i never hurt kids are women , micheal u know me and i hope u dont belive the bullshit u heard are just fabcated lies and im gonna sue all who have slandered my name . I have been threw so much shit i so tired of chrs talkin trash nigga grow up . U are not that damn tuff fool . I walk in my own shoes and have to live everyday hearing that i did tjis are did that i didnt have no en volment with any of yhat horrilbe shit so when the day comes u all hear the truth . I dont want a im sorry i want u to look in the fuckin mirror snd say that u caused a innocent man alot of shit for no reason .fuck im not a baby killer so stop talking and get your.facts in order. Cause yall are looking like some dope fiends that want a 15 minute time slot fuck yall . But keep yalls sad ads head up.

  18. lieing coward baby killers,you and the ones who enable you and the ones who was with you that day,and looks like your the dope fiend,your in jail right now for dope I guess your the dope fiend right,,when your released again,watch out because you will eat more than words you ever spoke against me so shut your mouth im done....LEADER

  19. Your in jail right now for drugs mr.maddison.looks like your the dope fein...your lieing the truth will come out shit floats......leader.

  20. mr. maddison when you come home look me up,il come to you and will end it,i mean that...LEADER./...

    1. This is Myron niece Jamie.. yal fucking make me sick and have no idea the loyalty of this brotherhood you claim delvin you know Myron didn't do that and your a disgrace to white men you make me sick I hate you just remember that police can't save you from karma HOE. Y'all all are sick fucks Myron is fighting for his life while you sit around and suck dick your sick fucks. There is no good in you at least Myron has a heart and can still feel human I hate you .

  21. I've served time with delvin. And while I will believe that he is guilty of just about any thing I honestly find it hard to belive he could have done this