Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bosque Republicans Endorse Trucker For Exec Committee

Waco refuse hauler Jimmie Kerr picked up the endorsement of
a newly minted County Republican Chairman elect as a
candidate for State Republican Executive Committee.

Said Dr. Tom Bratcher, club president and chairman elect,
"Jimmie Kerr spoke at the Bosque County Republican Club last
night and inspired us all. What a great American! Let us
support him as our SREC representative."

Dr. Bratcher is a mathematician who heads up a doctoral
program in statistics at Baylor University. He lives at

Delegates to the State Republican Convention at Dallas will
select the slate of officers of the state executive
committee in a caucus to be held at the June event the
weekend of the 8th through the 12th in that city's
Convention Center.

The State Executive Committee consists of two delegates - a
man and a woman - from each of the state's 31 Senatorial
Districts, for a total of 62.

Senate District 22 is made up of 10 counties. It stretches
from the Ft. Worth suburb of Burleson in Johnson County and
the Dallas bedroom community of Waxahachie in Ellis County
through Hood, Somervell, Bosque, Hill, Navarro, Coryell,
McLennan and Limestone Counties.

Mr. Kerr has been instrumental in helping new Precinct
Chairmen penetrate the maze of Republican Party of Texas
rules to learn how to become elected to chairmanships of the
92 voting precincts of McLennan County. Some 64 percent of
registered voters in McLennan County cast their ballots in
the Republican Primary. And yet in only 40 of 92 precincts
are there Republican Party Precinct Chairmen to help get out
the vote. Most of those without chairmen are located in the
inner city of Waco.

His stated goals include signing up Hispanic and Black
Texans as new recruits to the Republican Party of Texas, an
entity that was founded in 1867 at Houston by 150 black men
and 20 Hispanics of mixed Anglo heritage.

Reached for comment, Mr. Kerr said, "I am running and the
reason I'm running is that I know I can do a better job.
I'm going to have transparency...

"Why in the world do those people over a headquarters say
we don't need those people?

"People who are trying to produce people who are trying to
sign up preceinct chairmen are not welcome there. That's
not productive."

In one precinct where he signed up a new chairman, now 86
percent of registered voters are Republican.

In the previous general election, Rob Curnock lost by a total
of 19,000 votes. Sixteen thousand of them were in McLennan
County, he said. of 156,000 people available to vote
Republican, he added, "If we had 10 percent of them, that
would be 15,000 more votes."

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