Monday, March 29, 2010

Will elections be suspended, martial law declared?

80 Percent Disapprove of Congressional Job Performance

As of last weekend, Congressional job approval polls are

As many as 80 out of every 100 voters polled disapprove of
their Congressman's job performance, according to a Gallup

The best approval figures hover in the range of 24 percent
for a disapproval rating of 72 percent in a poll
commissioned by the "Washington Post" and as many as 77
percent in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that shows only
17 percent of voters approve of their Congressman's

Voters are even more adamant about Obama Care.

Rasmussen Reports racked up a disapproval rating of 54
percent for a 10.1 percent edge over those who approve of
the massive new program, which it is estimated will cost
$1.4 trillion over the next 10 years.

Fox News' poll topped that figure with a disapproval rating
of 55 percent. The best approval ratings came in a NBC
News/Wall Street Journal and a Pew Research quiz, both of
which showed 48 percent disapproval.

There is no question that the American public is angry,
disillusioned - even frightened - and they are making known
their disapproval of a 10 percent jobless figure, a 44
percent bigger federal budget and a steadily climbing rate
of federal debt and budget deficit that is expected to be
equal as much as 90 percent of the gross domestic product
within 10 years in the year 2020, according to the latest
Congressional Budget Office figures in a report released
late last week.

Some critics put the disapproval rating even higher.

One such is Aaron Zelman, founder of Jews For The
Preservation of Firearms Ownership, a Wisconsin man from a
Milwaukee suburb who served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam
as a Navy Hospital Corpsman. Mr. Zelman accompanied troops
into battle as their first line source of medical help when
they were wounded.

He estimates the approval of voters for Congressmen as low
as 11 percent in a release he issued today.

Even more disturbing, he has the opinon that, based on the
behavior of Congressmen and Senators, "the bums would be
tossed out" if elections were held tomorrow.

That's why he has made the flat out statement that he
believes there will be no 2010 mid-term elections.

"Are there even going to be elections in 2010? And, if
there are, will they be honest?"

It's a good question, one he acknowledges would have been
viewed as extremist and smacking of the kind of nutso
conspiracy theory entertained only by the lunatic fringe of
the American political spectrum as recently as a year ago
when the Obama Administration first took office.

"Two years ago, describing what has taken place in this
nation recently would have been waved off as the wildest of

Now, however, he insists that his argument has credibility.

He asks a series of incisive questions:

1. Why is our military spread all over the world right now?

2. Why are our local police being wooed and seduced with
sophisticated military hardware by federal agencies like
Homeland Security, the FBI and BATFE?

3. We now officialy have no right to privacy while speaking
on a cell phone. Why is it no longer necessary to seek a
warrant after first presenting a probable cause affidavit?

4. When will the other boot drop on the internet? "Is
everyone who'd like privacy in their personal communications
and web research a kiddie porn purveyor or a 'hate
criminal', or a drug dealer, or a terrorist?"

5. How long can the Second Amendment remain relevant when
our military and police forces keep getting equipped with
high-tech "crowd control" weapons that are prohibited to the
rest of us?

6. Vast detention camps are being built on U.S. soil. He
cites reports in "The New York Times" and Fox News.

7. What kind of "suicidal lunacy" allows Islamic Jihadists
to come here and get a foothold in our nation?

8. "What do you call ten million illegal aliens in America?
Why can't we call it what it is? It's an invasion."

9. Why hasn't computer vote counting been completely
abolished in America? "The Pentagon's computers have been
hacked. The FBI's computers have been hacked. The Social
Security Administration's computers have been hacked. But we
are supposed to assume that vote counting computers cannot
be hacked?"

Stay tuned. Let's see which of these dire predictions come

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  1. I have no doubt the mid-term elections will be held. I also have no doubt that the will be contentious, in some areas riddled with fraud, and will have lots of challenges to results. I remember that the Reds (Bolsheviks & Mensheviks) won by democratic elections & Hitler won by democratic elections. The problems cropped up after they gained power. They could not stand challenges to their power, even from the inside. The Bolsheviks took out the Mensheviks and the SS took out the SA. In any case, I don't think our politicians really know the mood of the country and will continue to trust that Americans will remain indifferent to political results as they have in the past. It's not the case which is why I think November will be a dangerous time for what freedom is left to us.