Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Run For State Republican Honcho Junta

A new slate of two Senatorial District 22 candidates for the
State Republican Executive Committee announced their
intentions to contest the incumbents at the State Convention
in June. Training and Development Director Janet
Jackson and Waco refuse hauler Jimmie Kerr said on the Duke
Machado Saturday night weblog discussion show that they
would try for selection to the important new posts at the

Ms. Jackson is a Precinct Secretary from Bosque County.

She operates a ranch realty brokerage in Clifton

Through her involvement with, a boutique
creative and educational multi-media blog, website,
streaming video and weblog radio serivce.

Mr. Kerr is a Precinct Chairman from McLennan County
who organizes inner city precincts with GOP chairmen and
party apparatus to get out the vote.

"Makes no difference if you have money or if you're white or
black, brown or yellow," he says. "All you have to be is a
human being and you're a voter - as long as you're

Their platform is one of transparency, voter education and
organization of the Republican Party on a new grass roots

In remarks on the blog talk radio show, Ms.
Jackson said, "I feel like if you're going to take this
position, you need to make yourself totally available."

In her case, that means traveling from city to city in the
10-county Senatorial District 22 to put on Power Point
presentations of how to register voters; how to obtain
voting records from the Republican Party of Texas; how to
file for election as a Precinct Chairman and organize not-
for-profit Republican Clubs using Secretary of State forms
supplied by state party officials.

Another benefit is to file IRS forms as both a 501(c)3 and
501(c)4 corporation. This way, a civic organization may be
both a charitable not-for-profit club and an electioneering
political society without jeopardizing its tax exempt
status, all of which information she supplies free of

Mr. Kerr asked this rhetorical question of a caller to the

"In my business, I use about 700 gallons of diesel a day.
How do I reduce my costs for diesel?"

The caller hemmed and hawed, then came up with the deduction
that if motor fuel use taxes could be curbed, the cost of
doing business would thereby be reduced.

"How do you do that?" Mr. Kerr asked sincerely.

The only logical conclusion is to organize voters along
conservative lines of less intrusive government, reduced
taxation and more freedom for entrepreneurs on all levels.

Watch these columns for developments along these lines as
the Spring turns to Summer and the Republican Convention
looms at Dallas with its all-important caucus for selection
of the State Republican Executive Committee.

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