Monday, March 15, 2010

Chet Edwards Will Vote NAY On Obama Care Bill

Lack of Trigger Mechanism was "especially disappointing"

Representative Chet Edwards announced his decision to vote
against the Senate form of the Health Care Bill on Monday.

He said, "No one can predict with absolute certainty the new
costs and cost savings of such a massive reform bill over 10
to 20 years."

After listening to "thousands" of people in the 17th
Congressional District, he decided that "What I have heard
is that people generally like the quality of their present
health care and don't want big government or big insurance
companies to stand bewtween them and their doctors."

Representative Edwards said he was "especially disappointed"
that his proposal for a "common sense" approach to fiscal
triggers was not included in the House or Senate bills.

It was for that reason, he said, that he voted against the
health care package the House of Representatives sent to the

Such a trigger mechanism would "automatically reduce" the
costs of the bill "if the projections turned out to be
wrong, particularly since our nation is facing serious
federal deficits."

The multi-term Congressman restated his belief that high
health care costs are "hurting families and small business.

"Americans deserve health care reform that will protect the
quality of our present health care system while reducing its

Mr. Edwards holds a key position on the House Appropriations
Committee and chairs the Appropriations Subcommittee on
Veterans and Military Construction, as well as on the House
Water Resources Committee.

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