Thursday, March 11, 2010

Power of Corporate Political Advertising Explained

Lobbyists for an activist organization told key Senators the
power of corporate political electioneering recently allowed by
the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election

The 100 largest corporations in the U.S. would need less than 2
percent of their $605 billion in profit to make political
expenditures that would double all current political spending by
all of the parties and all of the federal PACs, according to the
lobbying group, Free Speech for People.

In testimony before the Senate Judicary Committee, operatives of
that organization testified that during the 2008 election cycle,
the 100 largest corporations had combined revenues of $13.1
billion and profits of $605 billion.

They concluded that all of the spending by federal PAC's and all
of the parties' spending could be doubled by an expenditure of
less than 2 percent of their $605 billion in profits.

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