Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Bolts Of Lightning Course Through Convention

Dub-yah Endorses Sibley; Joe B. Hinton's Uncle Murdered

Before the convention could get started in the huge
conference room, the chairman told the delegates that
McLennan County Republican Chairman Joe B. Hinton could not
make it Saturday.

A close relative had been murdered and Mr. Hinton had to be
on hand to help his grieving family in their hour of need.

One of Mr. Hinton's uncles, a man who lived at Houston, had
fallen to a murderer, according to Justice of the Peace
Billy Martin.

After some routine matters were disposed of, former Senator
David Sibley rocked and shocked the convention hall when he
announced that former President George W. Bush had endorsed
him for election to fill out the unexpired term of Senator
Kip Averitt. It is the first political act of the former
President since he vacated office in January, 2009, and the
first candidate endorsement, as well.

Mr. Sibley told convention delegates that if elected, he
will come back into the Senatorial fold with 11 years
seniority as a legislator, "more than Kip Averitt had when
he became a Senator."

Congressional District 17 Republican Primary runoff
candidate Rob Curnock told the delegates, "I will be
bipartisan on the color of the drapes, the carpet, but on
the rest of it, we'll stand on our principles."

Mr. Curnock said he now has more than 1,500 volunteers
serving his campaign in the 12-county Congressional

His opponent, Candidate Bill Flores, said, "We see (House of
Representatives) Nancy Peolosi and (President) Barack Obama
attacking the very constitution that we live under." He
reminded the party leadership that "More than 40 percent of
the voters called" in polls, "identify themselves as
conservative. In this district, it's more like 65 percent."
He called for a strong national defense and strong border
security as two elements that will help the U.S. reach a
position of strength in the world.

State House of Representatives District 56 incumbent "Doc"
Anderson said, "We are the party of few and individual
expressions. They are the party of unfunded government

Abel Reyna, a candidate for District Attorney, told the
convention that he is out to establish his presence in the
office of the chief prosecutor in three areas - in the
office, where assistant prosecutors are seeking guidance to
developing criminal cases for trial; in the courtroom, where
citizens expect to see stiff sentences handed out to felony
offenders; and in the community, where "We have to restore
faith in the criminal justice system."

Police officers are disgusted, he said, with not getting
their cases before the Grand Jury for indictment. "All they
get is a dismissal. They don't get a call; they don't get a
letter, just a form saying the case was dismissed.

"I want to try cases, lead by example," he said. The
greatest criminal threat to the Waco area today, he said, is
that it's "fertile ground" for such Central American and
Mexican gangs as MS-13 and Texas Syndicate. Crips and
Bloods and all forms of gang organizations come into the
area through being kin to area residents in the community.

That's where the prosecutor's staff needs to be working, in
the schools, the political clubs and civic associations, to
reassure the public that "We are going to put them in the
pen for long, long stretches when we get them."

He recalled a burglary conviction of a an area woman that
resulted in a sentence with credit for time served of a mere
three days. He shook his head in disgust.

"I don't care if it's 2 people or 200 people. You call me
and I'll come see you and we'll work something out.

His clients, he says, are the People of the State of Texas
and no one else. He does not aim to serve the criminal
element, but only the law abiding and hard working honest
men and women who are looking to him to put on the best
prosecution available.

Precinct 4 County Commissioner Ray Meadows assured delegates
that "I am opposed to civil service."

The convention adopted the resolutions approved by voters to
be introduced at the State Convention to be added to the

One resolution in particular drew a rousing cry of approval.

It concerns the idea that no law should be enacted that does
not apply equally to Congressmen, Senators, the President
and any other government official.

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