Friday, March 26, 2010

Homeland Security Expert Debuts New Website

Colonel Dave McIntyre Back On The Consultation Trail

Dr. Dave McIntyre debuted a new website concerning national

Long a consultant to the Department of Homeland Security who
worked for the Office of the Chief Of Staff at the Pentagon,
Dr. McIntyre is a retired Army Colonel who quit his job
running a doctoral program in the subject at Texas A&M to
make a run in the Republican Primary for Congressional
District 17.

He was edged out by contenders Rob Curnock and Bill Flores.

The first article in the new website concerns the cost and
logistics of setting up a rapid reaction force of Blackhawk
helicopters and crews to fly and maintain them so that
troops may be put at any point on the U.S. - Mexican border
within 15 minutes of a breach in security. The program is in
emulation of the Israeli solution to border security in that
troubled nation.

It will be part of a continuing series of write-ups
concerning the exigencies of defending America against
enemies in a rapidly emerging war against this nation
involving terrorism, currency manipulation and such illegal
activities as drug smuggling, weapons trafficking and human

The article may also be read at the website of the Hispanic
Republican Club of Mclennan County,

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