Monday, March 8, 2010

A Unique Situation In Texas Politics -

Something that has never happened before

It's a game of bluff, wait and see - Texas hold'em in el
rancho de luxe Lone Star style, a game tailor made for Six
Shooter Junction del Rio Brazos.

One thing is for sure. Senator Averitt's self-described ill
health does not seem to have affected his poker skills.

From the cards showing, it appears the Senator is holding
strong and hanging tough.

Scenario 1:

If Senator Kip Averitt should haul off and resign his post
prior to the end of his unexpired term, the Governor could
declare a special election to fill the vacancy.

Candidates would be required to file for election, but not
before a certain number of days after the vacancy has
occurred and not after a certain number of days before the
declared date of the election.

Scenario 2:

As the Republican Party's nominee for unopposed re-election
as Senator of District 22, if Senator Averitt should be
elected but refuse to serve due to ill health, he would be
replaced in a special election to be declared by the
Governor. Candidates would be nominated by the County
Republican Chairmen and the County Democratic Chairmen of
the 10-county district.

The current whisper in Republican circles is that Austin
lobbyist David Sibley will be a candidate for the vacant

Mr. Sibley was unavailable for comment.

He has expressed great concern regarding redistricting in
this census year. The former senator is on record saying
that if a District 22 Senator is elected, "McLennan County
will get cut up like a boarding house pie."

The only other declared candidate for the Senatorial post,
real estate and insurance broker Darren Yancy, an investment
banker and venture capital development specialist, said, "If
he (Senator Averitt) resigns, I will definitely file for the

When asked about the speculation that former Senator Sibley
will run, he responded immediately.

"That would be just fine with me if he (Sibley) runs. I
think it would be interesting to see how the people respond
to having a lobbyist for a candidate."

He further differed with Mr. Sibley's estimation of the
perils to McLennan County's redistricting outlook.

"The only counties that will be cut up will be major
metropolitan counties, of which McLennan County is not one.
That's a false premise. It needs to go away...I think his
consideration for candidacy brings up the question as to
whether he's solely wanting to represent McLennan County, or
the 10 counties of the district."

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