Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amazon Specials A Snapshot Of Mercantile Maneuvers

Consumer goods deeply discounted – near distressed prices – as mail order merchants clear the decks for what's coming at them
Fire sale prices hit millions of e-mail boxes first thing this morning as merchants who deal through the cybernetic clearing house giant cut pre-tax day inventory to the bone.

Specials dumping anything from movies and tv video at up 59% off, as well as 99-cent pre-release date loss leader prices on video games to 73% off electronic items such as Bluetooth headsets and 20% or more off on laptops are the order of the day.

Books, the Amazon standy that started it all – especially Book Club “favorites” - are discounted at 32%.

The signs are clearly written on screens worldwide. Merchants are moving quickly to dump the overproduction of the kind of ooh la la frou frou feel-good stuff that is not really essential to survival as the world girds its loins for a bitter and protracted world war over religious ideology, natural resources and the ability to produce durable goods at competitive prices.

It looks like the bankers gave the peddlers the word. Pack it up and sell it off quickly. Work out sessions approach and the tax man cometh.

For consumers, it's back to the garden, the plow and the prairies, mountains and sea shores as Americans get ready to fight it out to keep what is theirs.

Good luck, folks. You'll need it.

- The Legendary

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