Monday, February 28, 2011

State Cops Let Protesters Stay In Capitol - Some Join Up

Crowd chanted - Whose house? Our house! Whose house? Our house!...

Madison - State troopers told protesters they would clear the Capitol building at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

A big crowd massed at the building's entrances, chanting "Whose House? Our House!" - and "Let Us In!"

A protester drum corps formed at the State Street entrance. Off-duty police and firefighters joined the protesters who were sitting down, waiting to be arrested inside.

State troopers who were outside guarding the doors were polite--asking protesters to form a line if they wanted to enter; they only let more people in as protesters inside came out.

When 4:00 came and went, the troopers locked most of the entrances and stopped letting more people inside.

There were no arrests. Some protesters who wanted to leave filed outside peacefully, those who wanted to stay were told to move to a higher floor inside the building...

- compiled from on-scene reports -

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