Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spy Boy Scouts The Bottoms On The Coldest Day of Winter

Green jacket emblazoned with “All Stars,” the “Zulu” patch on the left forearm, two gold teeth – moon on one side, star on the other – and a freshly cut Mohawk.

The Spy Boy done made it down to the bottoms and grinned his greetings. Nothing to say but grin back and make plans to make tracks back to the Easy on that special day – the Mardi Gras Day.

Fat Tuesday.

All hoodoos and h'aints aside, it's time to hit the road and get right with the rhythm review, see the Big Chief and let it ride where the chocolate waters flow. We travel the bayous and bayside backwaters all the way to Le Vieux Carrê in the land of the flambeaux, the blue train to Kokomo and filet gumbo.

My Marine tol' yo' Marine – settin' by the bayou
My Marine tol' yo' Marine – gon' set yo' tail on fire.
Talkin' 'bout hey, now – hey, now
Iko Iko all day...etc.

Come in this house. Gon' boogie some mo'.

- The Legendary

Robert Johnson recorded this and some other tracks in November, 1936, at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio. You might say he got here as quickly as he could, just like the rest of us. Say amen. Can I get a witness?

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