Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waco Tea Party Actively Purging Charter Members

Old line supporters “invited to leave” when they ask questions of the executive committee or question why certain policies are eschewed

An industrial kingpin from the Waco area is told he may not speak to County Republican Chairman Joe B. Hinton.

He has quietly withdrawn from the Waco Tea Party and resigned from a local Hispanic GOP association, goes his own way and continues to espouse Tea Party values.

In fact, he and several other people in the same position – those who have sought rapprochment with “establishment” GOP officials, are thinking of starting their own TEA party affiliation while they actively participate with others active in Bell County, Burleson County, Austin and at the national level.

The denunciations come in the form of a letter, in meetings, or on the social network. For instance a member active in Pro-Life activities received a letter inviting him to start his own TEA party group is he cannot be satisfied.

In the wake of shouting matches in which he was overpowered verbally and not allowed to ask questions or speak, a charter member received this curt communication signed by the entire committee membership:

“This letter is to inform you that you are no longer welcome at any Waco Tea Party functions, as you have become a source of disruption and ill spent time...

“We acknowledge that, at a previous meeting of the Executive Committee, the Waco Tea Party had voted to submit that (document that would have urged County Commissioners to place the agenda on-line with bookmarked agenda items) the Waco Tea Party had voted to submit that documents. However, because of an incident involving you at a subsequent Executive Committee and Leadership Council meeting, a special meeting...was called...

“At that meeting, the attendees voted unanimously to remove you from the Leadership Council. Another vote was taken, and it was unanimously decided that the aforementioned document would not be submitted to the McLennan County Commissioners Court.

“Hopefully, this will serve to clarify...It will not be discussed at future meetings, and we consider the matter closed. If you disagree with the decision regarding this matter, we wholeheartedly inivite you to form your own group.”

The word on the street is that the executive committee of the Waco Tea Party has become a force unto itself, no longer a servant of the organization.

Consider this acrimonious dialogue between two former Tea Party stalwarts and co-chairman Mike Simon:

William Atkinson
The not so Patriot Act is being snuck through the Republican Congress for renewal and the media is
silent. Republicans are silent. Democrats are silent. Tea parties are silent. And I thought this movement
was about the constitution.

Saturday at 8:52pm via Mobile Web · Like · Comment
Randall Scott Gates I did too but I was wrong. Careful, you will get
banned also.

Saturday at 9:00pm · Like
Michael Simon I'm sure that Greg & Judy Holloway in Austin would love
to hear from you. Just don't expect to use their group to pursue a
personal vendetta against local officials. And hey, if they don't take up
your cause the way you like it, you can always file the paperwork and
create your own organization!

Saturday at 9:24pm · Like
William Atkinson Wow...hostile. cool.
Saturday at 9:26pm · Like

William Atkinson Talk about a personal vendetta against local officials
how about the treatment of Doc because of a single vote he casted?

Saturday at 9:28pm · Unlike ·
Michael Simon Hostile? Hardly... A little blunt, maybe, but you're a big
boy. I'm sure you can handle it.

After spending some time under the dome in Austin, I can tell you that
the castigation of Doc has less to do with a single vote. That single vote
represented a deep-seeded corruption in Austin, one that Doc is a part
of. If you could see the cake through the icing, you'd see the rot that lies
within. If the Republicans think they're immune from the Tea Party wave,
then they're living with their heads in the sands.
Sunday at 11:36am · Like

William Atkinson that nose of yours seems to get longer every time you
make a post Mike. You actually enjoy looking down on everyone or are
you just so smug that you think the Tea Party is there for your own
personal whim? Blunt enough for ya?
Sunday at 2:49pm · Unlike ·

Michael Simon Smug is something I don't get accused of much...
Smarter than you? Yeah, I think most would agree, but smug? Hardly.
Many of us have taken the time to get to know the players and the game
in Austin. You armchair nitwits can coach from your living room, but
none of you actually want to do a damn thing about it. We're damned if
we do and damned if we don't. We go after Doc for his "insider trading"
and you criticize... If we stand back and not go after Doc you criticize.

We understand that there's unhappy little trolls like both of y'all out
there, which is why we tend to not give you much credence. So I've
really got 2 suggestions: STFU, or do something about it. Like I said, I'm
sure the Holloway's will welcome you in to the Austin Tea Party with
wide open arms!

Yesterday at 7:40am · Like
Randall Scott Gates Michael - That is the main difference between
you and I. I don't want my "OWN" organization. I want an informed
electorate and for politicians to do the right thing. As far as your
more recent reply, can't we all just get along?

Yesterday at 9:35am · Like
Michael Simon I don't know, Randy. I think you're asking the wrong
person that question. Perhaps it should be pointed at the original poster
of snide remarks on this topic, and perhaps the one who agreed with
him. I agree with your blanket comments about responsible elected
officials and an informed electorate. Unfortunately, some people we
trusted sought to betray that trust by using the organization as a vehicle
to pursue a personal grudge. We don't exist so you can lash out at those
that personally did you wrong. We do exist, as you said, to educate and
hold accountable. We've had this conversation numerous times over
numerous drinks, yet you continued to back-hand the group. William
largely did the same thing, but in a much more personal fashion. Instead
of helping the organization and the volunteers be more productive, y'all
decided to get vindictive. If William has a problem with his Tea Party or
his reps, I suggest, again, that he take it up with the Holloway's down in
Austin where he lives. I'm sure they'll be all ears. As for you, it appears
you got the message. It's upsetting that it had to get that far. As I've told
you before, you're smart and well educated on local issues, but you can't
get past your personal issues. Your vendetta, or whatever you want to
call it, consumed you and we want nothing to do with it.

2/9/2011 The not so Patriot...…/124601030944634?no… 1/2
Yesterday at 9:58am · Like
William Atkinson Wow. Smug. Arrogant. Delusional. AND a Narcissist.
Care for some bleach while you scrub yourself down with more self
piety? Or does your superior intellect prevent you from rationally
handling the fact that others...wait for it...might actually have a brain of
their own and don't need somebody to fill their head with pre-packaged

The witch hunt against Doc, and the excommunication of myself, has
proven one thing to many people paying attention that would have
otherwise been drawn into the fold; when anyone does happen to
disagree with you their opinion is chastised, they're immediately pounced
upon by the thought police, and if they're not good little Tea Bags they're
thrown out of the pot and left out to dry. (" As for you, it appears you got
the message.")

Unlike your campaign against Doc whereby you attempt to use the
voice of those in the Tea Party for your own when I made my
disagreement known it was from a personal standpoint, on my own
profile, and I quite effectively made my point clear as I have been told. I
don't play the politics game with press like your organization.
I am capable of thinking on my own thank you and certainly don't need
to gain a sense of validated existence from the approval of others in an
organization that is incapable of tolerating individuals for the audacity to
display such an antiquated idea as independent thought. The fact that
more than just three have experienced this same behavior from your
organization, and from different members, further establishes the
credibility of the opposition and goes to paint a pretty nasty image of
those associated with it; hence why I make my distance known as I will
not be lumped together with such a collective that practices "resistance
is futile".

Yes I can just get along Mike and am quite capable of
compartmentalizing personal political thought and friendships. Can you?

So, this little mindless armchair remote wielding nitwit will take his
happy troll-self and continue on his merry little way not stopping because
his independent mind happens to irritate somebody with such a highly
evolved intellect and overly sensitive ego.
By the way, only a fool boasts of his intelligence. You might want to tone
that down a little because it's quite unbecoming of a boy your age.
*disclaimer: I do not intend for the comments here to be a blanket
statement about all those in the organization referenced above as the
actions of the individual should, but sadly doesn't, reflect only upon
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